First Day

First day of work went in this order: Woke up with three hours of sleep. Waited. Signed in for the job with the red t-shirt. Freaked out. Decided I couldn't betray my program. Donned the navy blue t-shirt which was the exact same shade as the janitors. Freaked out again. Failed miserably to ignore a pest of a friend. Stood around. Greeted prospective students. Talked to parents and their children. Cringed. Banged my head on the wall (or at least, I imagined it). Walked around. Sat down. Stood up. Sat down. Stood up again. Sat down again. Got home. Oy.

And now I will prepare to head to bed even though it's twenty minutes past 7PM. Having a 9 to 5 job even for three days which require me to do more of nothing than something is really driving me up the wall. Tomorrow I will definitely bring the necessary things which keep me sane: A book and the iPod...though I don't think I'm allowed to read or listen during the job. No matter. Their very presence brings great comfort.

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