The Blasted Year

Note: The length of this post is going to kill you. Happy New Year! Now stop reading, for your sake.

It is always awesome looking back at what a year it has been, especially if it was an incredible one. With a day left to the year, I want to do just that. 2009 has been…in one word, phenomenal. Immensely phenomenal, in two. So many significant events have happened throughout the months that the ones I’m about to list will probably be only 10% of the total events that have happened. But this 10% consist of the moments which literally take my breath away –both in a good and bad way.

  1. The Beginning of College – College crept up to me like a pesky little cockroach I wanted to trample on reflex. Fortunately for me, I didn’t do just that. College started out horribly for me and after all the anticipation I had built towards it, I was let down. By myself. But with each passing week, I came to appreciate and love college that I finally woke up to the day when I was eager to head to college. And everyday has been like that ever since.
  2. Bad Case of High School-sickness – As aforementioned, college began on a painful note and I was ready to give just about anything to be back in high school. I had missed the friends I had grown up with, the teachers I had loved and the school which had bred so many epic memories from the eleven years of my life. The feeling lasted for a pretty long time. But it left eventually. I don’t miss high school as much anymore. But I would still give anything to live through a week or at least a day of my schooling life again. Even if it’s examination day.
  3. First (and Last) Major College Crush – Utterly foolish, is what I describe it as. I knew a thing like this was inevitable especially in college but still, I simply loathed the pathetic feeling. My quest for the longest time was to kill the infuriating bug. And boy did it feel victorious when I succeeded in doing so. Although I have to admit that this crush was pretty crush-worthy. Was. And I say that platonically. Seriously.
  4. David in Malaysia – One of the best weekends of my teenage life. And that’s saying something. Having met, conversed and listened to The Artist in the flesh for the first time induced in me a feeling which had no precedent. None whatsoever. I still can’t find the right words to describe the otherworldly joy I had felt in those three surreal days. It was heavenly, in every sense of the word. And I would never in a million years forget this blessing in my life.
  5. Singing in Public (Non-existent) – I have no idea why I remember this day even though it doesn’t exist in my calendar. Maybe because it went so tragically wrong that it made an indelible mark in my mind. Aiyaya! But as much as I cringe at the memory, I remember it all too clearly. And I can’t fathom the lengths I had gone to for someone who didn’t –but now do, I desperately hope– know I was even alive. And even though I humiliated myself for absolutely nothing, it confirmed how much I loved –and still do– this truly special human being.
  6. Flying for David – This insanely awesome trip to another country which I had embarked on without any parental supervision (but with super cool adults, no less) confirmed the fact that my madness and admiration for The Artist had reached yet another zenith. It truly was the concert of the century and I was more than thrilled (and a little hysterical) that I got to witness it before my very eyes. I owe a ton of people every ounce of my gratitude for making this trip a reality. It was the ultimate bomb. No concert can top this. At least, no concert by any other artist except This Artist. Honestly.
  7. The Road to Driving – This was a time in my life when I was a real threat to innocent lives around me. My driving classes were always a disaster, my driving instructor recognized the fact that I was disaster and my driving test was a complete disaster. I wished I was exaggerating but no, I was destined to bag the title of Disaster Driver of the Year. I still am bad at it but I am learning even though it is going to take me eons to be good at it. And I am not a threat to the passengers in the car anymore. At least, not much.
  8. Brother turning 21; Father turning 60 – Two wise (and only) men in the family turned a significant age this year. Both my brother and father seem to be ageing backwards because my brother still acts like a kid (not good) while my father remains very youthful (good). But these two people rock. And not only to me, but to the people around them, too. That is a sign of true awesomeness. A chip off the old block, indeed.
  9. Turning 18 – One of the lesser significant things to have happened to me this year but I felt compelled to mention it just because 18 is supposedly a big birthday number. Oy. There wasn’t anything to shout about my birthday but I am glad I got to spend it sitting for my TOEFL test and with my best friends at the mall doing nothing but catching up. Then I got to celebrate it with my awesome family and September cousins a day after. Next year will be way different. So I am acknowledging how awesome this year’s one had been. And I thank God for breathing life into me for 18 years…and counting. Time is a crazy little thing that moves at an inhuman speed.
  10. The Flying Dream – It was long dead and buried six feet under but an airshow by the U.S.A.F’s Thunderbirds dug it right back out to the surface. All week after that, the desire to fly pervaded my every thought and I thought I was going to lose it if I didn’t get in a plane right nownownow. Slowly though, I got a steely hold on my haphazard thoughts and locked them in place. I still want to fly as much as I want to write a book. But I am attending to the dreams, one dream at a time.
  11. The Shock(s) – Nothing prepared me for Shock #1 and Shock #2 this year. I don’t think I dealt both like a rational and sane person but these shocks were really more than I wanted to handle at the time. In fact, I didn’t know how to handle them and maybe still don’t. I am just relieved that the worst is over. Or I hope it is.
  12. Gym – Due to boredom like no other during the semester breaks this year, I decided to do something I never thought I would ever do in my lifetime: hit the gym. I was and still am an unhealthy person. And I didn’t really give my health much thought. But my father was and still is a gym-goer and I decided to tag along one day when the boredom almost pushed me off the edge. It was a surprise to discover that exercising was pretty therapeutic and I am now a gym-goer. Though I don’t know if this will last for long. Oy.
  13. Allowing Semi-feminine Clothes in the Wardrobe – A weird time in my life this year. I know a ton of people have been harassing me to don appropriate outfits since I am now a “young lady”, so they say. But I, for one, had refused to comply…until few months ago. Something weird is happening to me. Thankfully, my lack of care about how I look or what I throw on is still very much in gear and that’s all that matters. And I still love pajamas the most.
  14. Photoshoot. Twice. – Yet another freakishly weird time in my life this year. Having hated cameras since its advent, it was quite the irony that I had to go for two photoshoots; one for my college’s scholarship brochure and the other for a newspaper article on the “no social networking for three days” experiment I had participated in. In both cases, I had sucked until the point of no return. But I’m glad I did it. Because now my hatred for cameras is riveted to the wall, having no chance of ever being removed. (Unless The Artist is the one who removes it. Ha-ha!)
  15. First Job. First Pay. – ‘Twas a fantastic experience, even though I sucked big-time at it. I always love speaking with adults and this job demanded that I do just that. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first because speaking is tantamount to socializing and the whole galaxy knows how incapable I am of doing that. I only got around to it on the last day of work but no matter, I had one of the best boring moments of my life. (Pardon the paradox.) The pay was, of course, the sweetest thing of the job.
  16. College Results – I say this for the umpteenth time: I can’t remember when it was that I became such an academic wimp. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mope over bad results, I just rejoice in obtaining good ones. But I don’t claim all of the credit, or any of it. I truly, with all my heart, cannot comprehend how I got what I got because surviving the semesters was already a mean feat for me. So I know the achievements weren’t from anything I did, but from what the Man upstairs did. I never expect the best and always anticipate the worst, but getting the best from Him is the greatest feeling ever. And I don’t just mean academically.
  17. The Merciless Process of Applying to American Universities – I am still in the process of applying and I am on the brink of self-destruction. The mad torture I am going through at the moment is ten folds worse than being force-fed a large bowl of salad. At present, I have three statement essays to write and not quite enough time to do it. But inspiration, sadly, can't be rushed. And so I am typing this pointless 'essay' as I wait for Mr. Inspiration to pound on my door. I am hoping that everything will eventually pay off and I am trusting God to provide the best in my life. I just can’t help cringing and moping on a daily basis now until everything is done with.
  18. Home and Family: Nothing in the World like It – Absolutely nothing. I didn’t travel much this year. But I traveled. And being away from home isn’t a very good feeling. Though being anywhere in the world with my family is a great feeling. I know I’ve always looked forward to leaving the country and being independent –who am I kidding here– but really, my heart will always be at home. And with my family. No place and no one can replace these two treasures in my life. And I’m glad I realize that.
  19. Insane Tooth Operation – The title says it all. The memory isn’t one I’d like to recollect but I would gladly tell anyone who is willing to listen. The numbers –of stitches, injections, broken pieces of the tooth, hours– are still vivid in my head and I can describe the excruciating pain at the drop of a hat. But I won’t. Because I pulled through it by God’s grace and that’s all that matters.
  20. Friends –Both Old and New – This year was a time of many friendships. I got to deepen some, got to build some and got to test some. I am thankful for being able to meet up with my incredible best friend every week to keep our thirteen-year friendship going, keep in touch with high school friends, get to make new college friends, spend a lot of time getting to know said college friends, befriend amazing people on the net through The Artist, maintain the strength of friendships virtually and appreciate my circles of friends from all aspects of my life. Some friends are for life, and some are for the moment. Either way, I’m just happy I have people in my life who aren’t family…but can almost qualify as family.
2009 was yet another epic year in my life. Cheers to 2010 following suit!

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