Today was Good Day #8725. My best friend was allowed to drive today so she came by to pick me up an hour after I had woken up. We headed to the same mall we went to yesterday since it was the second and last day of the mega-sale and we decided to do an incredibly peculiar thing: shop. We arrived there before noon and had a challenging time parking the car in a pretty spacious parking lot since the both of us had zero parking skills. I had used a few billion of my brain cells just figuring out which way the steering wheel should be turned in order to right the position of the car; and I was riding shotgun. She must've lost a few billion more than me since she was in the driver's seat. It was no doubt a superbly hilarious situation and the both of us couldn't stop cracking up throughout the harrowing ordeal.

After lunch, we exercised our legs and analyzed garments and contemplated if they were of monetary value. (The more preferred term would be 'shopped' but I am in the minority who doesn't prefer said term.) Three hours into it and we were completely wiped out. We decided to recharge by drinking tea and having some food. After getting the necessary rest, we continued where we left off. We finally called it a day eight hours after setting our feet-which-had-no-clue-what-was-coming into the mall.

Needless to say, I had an amazing time with a cherished friend who will not be here for long. I had a ton of fun, and a few tonnes of great moments. Today was incredible.

And now I am spent from going out almost everyday since my finals ended. (Wowzers. I never realized that until...I realized that.) My flu has morphed into a sore throat but I am far from kvetching. My books and bed now beckon. Over and out.


Ikitron said...

Happy for yea ;)

Anne said...

wiped out is an understatement LoL. btw my friend told me that last time during the J card day,someone fought with an aunty until the baju koyak HAHAHAH

andre said...

missed the sale! gawsh. the term shopping is way easier you know. get well soon! (:

Justine said...

Ikhsan and Andre, thank you! :D

Anne, zeriouzly??? Wah...KAOLAT!

Anne said...

yeah zeriouzly LOLLL. dont play play man.they mean business XD