Another Good Day

Today was Good Day #8724. I woke up in the morning to discover that I had a mild flu. (That wasn't the good part.) Then I tried to revive my semi-dead laptop via the method a friend taught me and lo and behold, the laptop came to life! For about two hours, sadly. I knew there wasn't much time to lose so I hurriedly saved the exceedingly precious documents in my laptop. It was a victorious moment and I owe my friend one. They are now safe in the sanctuary of my mother's laptop. Such irony.

Sometime in the afternoon, I received a call from a college friend who passed it to my Chemistry lecturer. I had felt weird on so many levels but didn't have time to acknowledge the feeling because she was throwing details at me which I had to jot down on paper. I think I now have a job as a student helper for my college which I am petrified of. Oh boy.

Shortly after that, I went to the mall with the best friend to catch a movie. We hadn't known there was a two-day mega-sale going on so we shopped a little after the movie. She managed to get a petite sundress for 10 bucks while I got a lame piece of clothing for 8 bucks. Splendid. Before we left, my brother asked me to get some pizza for his and my father's dinner. (I don't eat pizza; old news.) While we were waiting for the order, we observed this dude in the pizza mascot whom we had both thought was our college's Student Council President. He wasn't...I think.

An hour after I got home, I left for the gym with my father. It was the first time I had brought a storybook to the gym to read and it turned out to be a pretty good idea because I got a couple of pages in. Then I wondered if it was wrong to ask a person for his/her consent before calling because I seem to be doing that all the time -three times today to three different people, to be precise. Oy.

Praise God for the good days which have passed and will hopefully continue to pass. I am thankful beyond belief that I am not sleeping at four in the morning and having lunch at 4PM the next day. I am thankful that I have missions to accomplish -be it impossible or not- and productive things to do. I am thankful for good family members and friends I speak to on a daily basis. I am thankful the good always seem to outweigh the bad each day. And I am thankful for today. And I am thankful for the prawn dumpling I had for lunch just now. It was very yummy.

Tomorrow awaits.


andre said...

you do NOT have to ask to call justine yeo!!!! -______-

Justine said...