The Blasted Year

Note: The length of this post is going to kill you. Happy New Year! Now stop reading, for your sake.

It is always awesome looking back at what a year it has been, especially if it was an incredible one. With a day left to the year, I want to do just that. 2009 has been…in one word, phenomenal. Immensely phenomenal, in two. So many significant events have happened throughout the months that the ones I’m about to list will probably be only 10% of the total events that have happened. But this 10% consist of the moments which literally take my breath away –both in a good and bad way.

  1. The Beginning of College – College crept up to me like a pesky little cockroach I wanted to trample on reflex. Fortunately for me, I didn’t do just that. College started out horribly for me and after all the anticipation I had built towards it, I was let down. By myself. But with each passing week, I came to appreciate and love college that I finally woke up to the day when I was eager to head to college. And everyday has been like that ever since.
  2. Bad Case of High School-sickness – As aforementioned, college began on a painful note and I was ready to give just about anything to be back in high school. I had missed the friends I had grown up with, the teachers I had loved and the school which had bred so many epic memories from the eleven years of my life. The feeling lasted for a pretty long time. But it left eventually. I don’t miss high school as much anymore. But I would still give anything to live through a week or at least a day of my schooling life again. Even if it’s examination day.
  3. First (and Last) Major College Crush – Utterly foolish, is what I describe it as. I knew a thing like this was inevitable especially in college but still, I simply loathed the pathetic feeling. My quest for the longest time was to kill the infuriating bug. And boy did it feel victorious when I succeeded in doing so. Although I have to admit that this crush was pretty crush-worthy. Was. And I say that platonically. Seriously.
  4. David in Malaysia – One of the best weekends of my teenage life. And that’s saying something. Having met, conversed and listened to The Artist in the flesh for the first time induced in me a feeling which had no precedent. None whatsoever. I still can’t find the right words to describe the otherworldly joy I had felt in those three surreal days. It was heavenly, in every sense of the word. And I would never in a million years forget this blessing in my life.
  5. Singing in Public (Non-existent) – I have no idea why I remember this day even though it doesn’t exist in my calendar. Maybe because it went so tragically wrong that it made an indelible mark in my mind. Aiyaya! But as much as I cringe at the memory, I remember it all too clearly. And I can’t fathom the lengths I had gone to for someone who didn’t –but now do, I desperately hope– know I was even alive. And even though I humiliated myself for absolutely nothing, it confirmed how much I loved –and still do– this truly special human being.
  6. Flying for David – This insanely awesome trip to another country which I had embarked on without any parental supervision (but with super cool adults, no less) confirmed the fact that my madness and admiration for The Artist had reached yet another zenith. It truly was the concert of the century and I was more than thrilled (and a little hysterical) that I got to witness it before my very eyes. I owe a ton of people every ounce of my gratitude for making this trip a reality. It was the ultimate bomb. No concert can top this. At least, no concert by any other artist except This Artist. Honestly.
  7. The Road to Driving – This was a time in my life when I was a real threat to innocent lives around me. My driving classes were always a disaster, my driving instructor recognized the fact that I was disaster and my driving test was a complete disaster. I wished I was exaggerating but no, I was destined to bag the title of Disaster Driver of the Year. I still am bad at it but I am learning even though it is going to take me eons to be good at it. And I am not a threat to the passengers in the car anymore. At least, not much.
  8. Brother turning 21; Father turning 60 – Two wise (and only) men in the family turned a significant age this year. Both my brother and father seem to be ageing backwards because my brother still acts like a kid (not good) while my father remains very youthful (good). But these two people rock. And not only to me, but to the people around them, too. That is a sign of true awesomeness. A chip off the old block, indeed.
  9. Turning 18 – One of the lesser significant things to have happened to me this year but I felt compelled to mention it just because 18 is supposedly a big birthday number. Oy. There wasn’t anything to shout about my birthday but I am glad I got to spend it sitting for my TOEFL test and with my best friends at the mall doing nothing but catching up. Then I got to celebrate it with my awesome family and September cousins a day after. Next year will be way different. So I am acknowledging how awesome this year’s one had been. And I thank God for breathing life into me for 18 years…and counting. Time is a crazy little thing that moves at an inhuman speed.
  10. The Flying Dream – It was long dead and buried six feet under but an airshow by the U.S.A.F’s Thunderbirds dug it right back out to the surface. All week after that, the desire to fly pervaded my every thought and I thought I was going to lose it if I didn’t get in a plane right nownownow. Slowly though, I got a steely hold on my haphazard thoughts and locked them in place. I still want to fly as much as I want to write a book. But I am attending to the dreams, one dream at a time.
  11. The Shock(s) – Nothing prepared me for Shock #1 and Shock #2 this year. I don’t think I dealt both like a rational and sane person but these shocks were really more than I wanted to handle at the time. In fact, I didn’t know how to handle them and maybe still don’t. I am just relieved that the worst is over. Or I hope it is.
  12. Gym – Due to boredom like no other during the semester breaks this year, I decided to do something I never thought I would ever do in my lifetime: hit the gym. I was and still am an unhealthy person. And I didn’t really give my health much thought. But my father was and still is a gym-goer and I decided to tag along one day when the boredom almost pushed me off the edge. It was a surprise to discover that exercising was pretty therapeutic and I am now a gym-goer. Though I don’t know if this will last for long. Oy.
  13. Allowing Semi-feminine Clothes in the Wardrobe – A weird time in my life this year. I know a ton of people have been harassing me to don appropriate outfits since I am now a “young lady”, so they say. But I, for one, had refused to comply…until few months ago. Something weird is happening to me. Thankfully, my lack of care about how I look or what I throw on is still very much in gear and that’s all that matters. And I still love pajamas the most.
  14. Photoshoot. Twice. – Yet another freakishly weird time in my life this year. Having hated cameras since its advent, it was quite the irony that I had to go for two photoshoots; one for my college’s scholarship brochure and the other for a newspaper article on the “no social networking for three days” experiment I had participated in. In both cases, I had sucked until the point of no return. But I’m glad I did it. Because now my hatred for cameras is riveted to the wall, having no chance of ever being removed. (Unless The Artist is the one who removes it. Ha-ha!)
  15. First Job. First Pay. – ‘Twas a fantastic experience, even though I sucked big-time at it. I always love speaking with adults and this job demanded that I do just that. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first because speaking is tantamount to socializing and the whole galaxy knows how incapable I am of doing that. I only got around to it on the last day of work but no matter, I had one of the best boring moments of my life. (Pardon the paradox.) The pay was, of course, the sweetest thing of the job.
  16. College Results – I say this for the umpteenth time: I can’t remember when it was that I became such an academic wimp. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mope over bad results, I just rejoice in obtaining good ones. But I don’t claim all of the credit, or any of it. I truly, with all my heart, cannot comprehend how I got what I got because surviving the semesters was already a mean feat for me. So I know the achievements weren’t from anything I did, but from what the Man upstairs did. I never expect the best and always anticipate the worst, but getting the best from Him is the greatest feeling ever. And I don’t just mean academically.
  17. The Merciless Process of Applying to American Universities – I am still in the process of applying and I am on the brink of self-destruction. The mad torture I am going through at the moment is ten folds worse than being force-fed a large bowl of salad. At present, I have three statement essays to write and not quite enough time to do it. But inspiration, sadly, can't be rushed. And so I am typing this pointless 'essay' as I wait for Mr. Inspiration to pound on my door. I am hoping that everything will eventually pay off and I am trusting God to provide the best in my life. I just can’t help cringing and moping on a daily basis now until everything is done with.
  18. Home and Family: Nothing in the World like It – Absolutely nothing. I didn’t travel much this year. But I traveled. And being away from home isn’t a very good feeling. Though being anywhere in the world with my family is a great feeling. I know I’ve always looked forward to leaving the country and being independent –who am I kidding here– but really, my heart will always be at home. And with my family. No place and no one can replace these two treasures in my life. And I’m glad I realize that.
  19. Insane Tooth Operation – The title says it all. The memory isn’t one I’d like to recollect but I would gladly tell anyone who is willing to listen. The numbers –of stitches, injections, broken pieces of the tooth, hours– are still vivid in my head and I can describe the excruciating pain at the drop of a hat. But I won’t. Because I pulled through it by God’s grace and that’s all that matters.
  20. Friends –Both Old and New – This year was a time of many friendships. I got to deepen some, got to build some and got to test some. I am thankful for being able to meet up with my incredible best friend every week to keep our thirteen-year friendship going, keep in touch with high school friends, get to make new college friends, spend a lot of time getting to know said college friends, befriend amazing people on the net through The Artist, maintain the strength of friendships virtually and appreciate my circles of friends from all aspects of my life. Some friends are for life, and some are for the moment. Either way, I’m just happy I have people in my life who aren’t family…but can almost qualify as family.
2009 was yet another epic year in my life. Cheers to 2010 following suit!


Last of the Good Days

Today was an exceptionally productive day. Exceptionally because I can't remember the last time I've been remotely productive. I had a few errands to run today so my mother and I left for my college first thing in the morning. I collected my certified and translated high school transcripts, settled the issue with my scholarship, paid the tuition fee for next semester, requested for a letter of deferment for the hell hole that is my unattended National Service training, got information on the orientation duty a few friends and I are supposed to conduct, and best of all, collected my gloriously sweet pay for my six-day work as a student ambassador. And it's about time I treated my family to a nice dinner.

After doing all the aforementioned, my mother and I decided to hit the mall for lunch and to chill. Then we visited the bookstore and I got the book I vowed never to get in this post. I am going to have to punish myself now by poking a fork in my eye. Oh boy.

I am glad I accomplished a few tasks today, trivial as they may seem. But despite doing so much amidst my hectic schedule of nothingness, I still have a googilian things to do before I am able to send out my applications to the U.S. universities. And I am very much on the brink of giving up. And the one reason why I feel like doing so is to avoid writing the tear-inducing statement essays. I suck. Because a) I am too boring, uninteresting and uninspired to write anything worthy in the essay; and therefore b) I don't even want to get started on the statement essays; thus leading to the ascertained conclusion that c) I suck.

Christmas was fantastic, but only because I got to spend it with my family. I am looking forward to the New Year celebration which is around the corner though it will be slightly bittersweet because this would be the second time in a row that we are ushering in the new year without my brother. But I am happy that he is going to celebrate the new year this time with good friends at an awesome place, and without any silly, stupid, nonsensical, very silly, very stupid and very nonsensical heartbreak like he did last year.

My cousin sister will be coming over tomorrow for a sleepover before we all head to our holiday destination for the New Year. I am stoked!



The week has rocked so far and been a little crazy but I am glad it isn't ending just yet. I couldn't be more overwhelmed with joy and gratitude because I got to spend it with just the most amazing people in my life doing simple yet incredible things that would make fantastic moments to reminisce about. Some of the note-worthy things I have done throughout the week had been:-

Monday: Spent the day with my cousin sister who is truly made of awesome and I kid you not. Dropped by my college to collect my neatly-sealed transcripts. Then headed to the mall to watch our very first 3D movie and was asked by the lady at the cinema counter if we were twins. I was terribly amused. Had the best time. My cousin sister rocks. Immensely.

Tuesday: The Internet went down and my brother and I fought insanely hard for survival. In lieu of trying to stay alive, we both agreed that we both suck in our own special ways. Then we went to the mall to catch a movie -the same one I saw the day before. Later that night, a random man who came out of the casino at the club gave me a suspiciously-wrapped gift as I was using the club computer after gym. Then he said he wanted to smoke and disappeared. Slowly opened the gift expecting it to be a bomb threat of some sort -I know a few people who want to kill me- but discovered that it was just a party pack. Psh. A bit disappointed. (Just kidding!)

Wednesday: Drove for the first time all on my own! Picked up a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while and went to the mall to watch a movie -the same one I saw the day before and the day before that; oy. Bumped into another friend I hadn't seen in ages. Had an evening meal. Caught up with each other. Sent the friend home. Got home in one piece. Yeah man.

Thursday: Got permission to drive again! Sweet! Picked up two friends and we went to the mall -same one in three days. Met up with a good friend I missed since it has been too long since we last hung out together. Wanted to watch the movie-length cartoon from Disney so bad but the seats were all taken up when we got there. Ended up watching a movie on boy chipmunks trying to woo girl chipmunks. Ha-ha. Pretty adorable. After dropping a friend home, my best friend and I decided to eat at the dearly missed eatery right next to our high school. The last time we had both been there was probably a year ago. I had a superb meal. And a superb time. Got home in one piece for the second time. What a miracle.

Today: It is now a little over an hour into Christmas. Of the many things I am thankful for in my life, I am most thankful for having my heavenly Father in my life. No words can describe exactly how much He has blessed me with and I am sorry I will never be able to return the numerous favors He has done and will continue to do for me because of His great love; including the reason for today. Happy Birthday LORD. You deserve every single day of my life; just as You gave Yours for me -and everyone else on the planet. I surrender my days to You.

Merry Christmas! And God bless.


The Week So Far

Life has been painfully uneventful since the last time I blogged. But I am going to blog anyway because boredom is slowly gnawing my sanity away. In the time span of a week, I have had hair surgery -or 'hair spa' as the lady calls it; gone to the gym; experienced boredom like no other on the first day of work -continuing from last week; gone to the gym; accomplished something albeit small as a student helper; met up with a good friend for lunch; sulked; did a ton of word search puzzles; gone to the gym and; best of all (no sarcasm whatsoever), caught up with my dearly missed high school friends.

Tomorrow, or rather, next week is going to rock. And boy am I looking forward to it.


First Impressions: Third Take

It just dawned on me that I had completely forgotten to post about my views, lame as they are, on the courses I had pursued in my third semester (Fall) of college. But it is actually a good thing to be posting it now instead of during the semester because I have a natural tendency to, uh, freak out very early in the semester. So as per normal, here goes:

This is my Calculus II class and is particularly famous for its high failing rate among the students. I entered this class fearing the worst and made sure I paid attention to every single lesson and finished all the homework given even if it killed me. Failing would be worse than death for me. (I don't know when I became a pathetic academic wuss.) In the end, I did so much better in this subject than I could even dream of doing and I owe a large portion of my gratitude to my lecturer because she is, in my opinion, one of the best lecturers in my program. Even a private tutor couldn't help me as much as she did (Read: couldn't help me at all) and I am now fond of Calculus because of her. Fortunately, I will still be under her tutelage next semester for Calculus III. This time, I don't expect to do half as well as I miraculously did this semester. But I hope to give my best, at least.

This is my Chemistry II class and my lecturer had taught me Chemistry I back in my first semester. Truth be told, the subject materials for this class were hideously boring and it had been impossibly hard for me to make it past two pages of the Chemistry textbook whenever I revised. The lecturer, however, was far from boring. Her slightly eccentric character and random outbursts definitely made the class a very interesting one and I am glad I was under her guidance for two semesters. I still cannot comprehend how I got what I got for this subject because I honestly didn't give it my best. I only remember complaining on end about how the textbook is an object of torture and how I may not survive this class. But I am eternally grateful to her for being way too kind to me.

This is my Physics I class and is the most nightmarish of the lot. Physics had been one of the few subjects I absolutely loved back in high school...but my love for Physics shriveled up and died the minute I stepped into this class. Many sophomores had claimed that this class was a piece of cake but man were they wrong. Because it was like a bowl of noodles. At least, in my case. My lecturer was a bit of a merciless dude and there were many times when I had thought I was actually going to jump off the 12th floor where our classrooms were because he kept encouraging us to do so since our test results had been so devastatingly bad. And we could also deepen our understanding on projectile motion by doing so -if we lived through it. Oy. I vividly recall walking into the examination room during my Physics finals feeling wholly defeated and completely hopeless. I may need someone to explain to me how I actually got what I got for it because really, I had sucked big-time in this class. I was and still am expecting to see a minus (-) sign behind the first Latin alphabet in the set of letters every time I re-check my results. It is not paranoia; it is the search for justice. Ha-ha.

Next semester which would possibly be my last in college here, I will be attending classes for Calculus III (dead), World Religions (dead meat), Microeconomics (pork chop), Sociology (seafood spaghetti) and Malaysian Studies (dust). I have a hunch that my last semester is going to be the deadliest of them all but I am conjuring a strategy now to beat the Beast of College to a pulp when it attacks next semester. But then I have yet another hunch that I am going to lose in this imminent battle. Oh boy.


Second and Third

My first job ever as a student ambassador (a fancy name for 'student helper') turned out to be nothing to shout about because (a) I was the most useless, antisocial, timid, clueless and unapproachable one of the bunch of us and I wish I was kidding but no, that is the sad and horrid truth; (b) I read more than I actually talked and; (c) I realized I wasn't eligible for the job (at all) regardless of how much I love being around cool adults. (My parents being a perfect example.) I'm not sure if I'll still be working one last time next weekend but really, I kind of suck. At something so simple like communicating...or holding a pair of scissors. Oy.

Crappy work performance aside, the workplace was incredibly stupendous. Although the place isn't fully completed and furnished yet, there is no doubting the splendor of the place once it is done. The new lakeside campus -at present time- is complemented with a man-made lakeside where one can go kayaking in, a moot court, a restaurant (for the Tourism and Hospitality students), a housekeeping room (ditto), computer labs with huge-screened iMacs worth groveling for, colossal lecture theaters (one of which overlooks the gorgeous lake) and a ton of other nifty rooms I didn't get to visit during the three-day work period.

It is pretty upsetting that the ADP program will not be moving over to the Cool Campus as aforementioned but instead will seek residence in another college campus which kind of...sucks. I don't plan to stay here long enough for the move to the Uncool Campus if things go according to plan. But then again, my plan isn't always the best or the most bulletproof. I'll see how it goes.

In other news, there are four more weeks to go before the new semester begins. I can't believe it. It honestly feels like two months have passed even though it has only been two weeks. And there are still four more droning months -as opposed to weeks- to live through. But I will stop complaining because I actually need to utilize the time for the university applications. Pshaw.


First Day

First day of work went in this order: Woke up with three hours of sleep. Waited. Signed in for the job with the red t-shirt. Freaked out. Decided I couldn't betray my program. Donned the navy blue t-shirt which was the exact same shade as the janitors. Freaked out again. Failed miserably to ignore a pest of a friend. Stood around. Greeted prospective students. Talked to parents and their children. Cringed. Banged my head on the wall (or at least, I imagined it). Walked around. Sat down. Stood up. Sat down. Stood up again. Sat down again. Got home. Oy.

And now I will prepare to head to bed even though it's twenty minutes past 7PM. Having a 9 to 5 job even for three days which require me to do more of nothing than something is really driving me up the wall. Tomorrow I will definitely bring the necessary things which keep me sane: A book and the iPod...though I don't think I'm allowed to read or listen during the job. No matter. Their very presence brings great comfort.


Grades Don't Mean Squat

Today was a terrific day! It didn't start off terrifically though. It started off with a call from my college asking me what blue T-shirt size would I want to promote my program (ADP) when I was told at the briefing that I would be wearing the red T-shirt to promote other pre-university programs except ADP. And I am expected to wear both tomorrow. I'm doomed.

After having an unhealthy lunch, coughing here and there, rotting away in front of the TV and reading, I got an unexpected news from a friend: The 3rd semester results were out at the student portal. I was gobsmacked because the results were supposed to be out next week, not today. I frantically logged into the student portal and clicked on the ominous buttons which led me to the academic results. I didn't even have time to be anxious because I saw it before I could even blink. And flipped out. It really was such a shame that I couldn't produce any tears of joy but my bubbles of happiness and gratitude were expanding rapidly. God is always good. Too good. And this isn't the first time. 500% of the glory belongs to Him. Thank You.

I am immensely grateful for what I got...but grades are, in the end, only grades. I am more thankful that I survived this semester because it was deemed the hardest since I had taken three t-u-p-h subjects along with several friends. (Though in my opinion, I think next semester is going to be the t-u-p-h-est one for me because I have two reading subjects. I don't read books which aren't storybooks well. At all.) So many times I had accepted the fact that my CGPA was going to free-fall, as predicted by one of my lecturers. And so many times I had wanted to allow the Beast of College to swallow me up so I could rest in peace. And I think I did...for a short while. But I don't know what made me persevere though I think the Man Upstairs had a lot to do with it.

I only hope for the best for my collegemates in the semesters to come. I think I irked and possibly angered a bunch of people with my extreme happiness earlier today. I couldn't help it but I should know better even though the only way I am capable of expressing any kind of emotion is through something virtual. Oy me. It would definitely be ten-folds better celebrating something with amazing friends but that would be asking for too much. I am just majorly thankful that a person's value isn't determined or measured by the grades they get from pieces of paper with questions designed to confound the test-taker on purpose. And I hope the friends around me realize that.

Tomorrow is my first day of work and I am kind of dreading it. But I'm sure I'll survive. At least, I hope I will. I pray I will. I beg I will. Oh man.

"A growing body of evidence suggests grades don't predict success -- C+ students are the ones who end up running the world." -Source

I think I'm doubly doomed now.


She Rocks

Today was a fantastic day mainly because I got to watch my cousin sister perform in the play she had been rehearsing for for too long. Since the play was adapted from a work of literature, the storyline was a tad bit difficult for me to comprehend though I finally got it sometime after the first ten minutes and enjoyed an incredible performance by madly talented people who are my peers. I am very proud of my cousin sister for being culled out of many to be a part of the cast and for being so committed to the play. Cheers to her.

Dudette on the top left, dude on the middle left and dudette on the bottom right: Brilliant.


OK-ish Day

Today was a painfully odd day. I had to get up early so I willed myself to sleep early last night. Naturally, my mind was wide awake until 3AM. I woke up after five hours of sleep -which is a far cry from the usual ten hours- and went to the train station. Since the highly efficient train was extra efficient this morning, I decided to befriend a stranger at the train station who was, coincidentally but not surprisingly, from my high school. The train eventually came after thirty minutes of waiting and we got to our respective destinations.

I had presumed that I was going to have to walk to college alone this morning -which isn't a huge deal at all- but God is always kind. Always. I bumped into an ex-schoolmate in the train who was also attending the briefing. And so we ended up walking to our college whilst having a good chat.

The briefing lasted for an hour and I discovered, much to my chagrin, that I wouldn't be promoting my program (ADP) with the rest of my ADP peers. Huh. I still don't know what it is I am assigned to do during the Open Days but I will find out soon enough -on the first day of work.

Once the briefing was over, a friend arrived at college; just in time to miss the briefing. Genius. Then we headed to the closest mall for lunch. Then the friend kindly dropped me off back in college because I had to settle some stuff with my transcripts. Of course, I couldn't log in to the library computers because my "username and password did not match" for the first time. And of course, the office at the computer lab was closed so I couldn't get the problem fixed. I ended up moping in McDonald's and then visiting the gloriously peaceful program office to read while I waited to get home.

I got home in the evening and the bed screeched for my name that I had to relent. I slept for two hours in complete darkness and woke up to find exactly ten horrific mosquito bites on me. Fantastic. After frantically slathering myself with anti-mosquito balm, I proceeded to do what I wasn't able to accomplish back in the library...and realized that there is something more mentally challenging than Calculus: Translating high school transcripts from Malay to English. The pain is almost enough to make me quit applying to U.S. universities and try out for Australian universities. Almost. But not quite, thankfully.

I predict tomorrow will be a bit of a banal day with a lot of reading and musing and boiling of water (which I have done numerous times now) and translating of transcript (which I don't want to do numerous times). And breathing. I am grateful.


Voice Behere

Today was a pretty laid-back day. Since my brother's car is now back from the workshop -thanks to a little accident some time ago- I was allowed to drive to the mall in the city. In the beginning, my father kept screaming for me to "Brakebrakebrake!" (the last one being the highest pitch) until I told him, "I am braking. You just can't feel it because it was just too smooth." (Yeah, right.) After a while, he relaxed and even reclined his seat as he rode shotgun and finally allowed me to drive in the fast lane. I drove for a solid hour. Cool.

After lunch, my father met up with some friends while I loitered at the two bookstores at the two interconnected malls on my own. There is a bit of serenity from meandering through really huge malls, feeling no urgency at all...until my father texted me that he had to rush back to a wedding dinner he completely forgot about.

Twice, I entered a massive bookstore. Twice, I was so close to buying a book despite having three piles of unread books at home. Twice, I told myself that if I bought a book now for forty bucks when I could get at least five books for the same price at a book sale, I would deliberately poke my eye with a fork as punishment. Twice, I succeeded in thinking prudently. At least for now.

I am glad that my voice is now back -albeit I sound very much like a dude at the moment- because I definitely wouldn't want to attend the briefing for my college job (which entails a lot of speaking, much to my horror) tomorrow and get fired before I even got started on it. Because if that were to happen, it just might be a sign that I would need to find a job in the future in which shutting up is a merit. Oy.

P/S: I don't think 'behere' is an actual word in the Dictionary. I made that up entirely. Pardon me.


Voice Begone

Today was the first day I stayed in since finals concluded. I woke up to find that my voice had decided to take a vacation. I also woke up with a terrible flu. Then I wasted my day away by watching TV, squeaking, attempting to tidy my room (but made it messier in the process), reading, squeaking some more, researching on U.S. universities, squeaking even more, hitting the gym and being cranky. It was a good day. No, really, it was.



Today was Good Day #8725. My best friend was allowed to drive today so she came by to pick me up an hour after I had woken up. We headed to the same mall we went to yesterday since it was the second and last day of the mega-sale and we decided to do an incredibly peculiar thing: shop. We arrived there before noon and had a challenging time parking the car in a pretty spacious parking lot since the both of us had zero parking skills. I had used a few billion of my brain cells just figuring out which way the steering wheel should be turned in order to right the position of the car; and I was riding shotgun. She must've lost a few billion more than me since she was in the driver's seat. It was no doubt a superbly hilarious situation and the both of us couldn't stop cracking up throughout the harrowing ordeal.

After lunch, we exercised our legs and analyzed garments and contemplated if they were of monetary value. (The more preferred term would be 'shopped' but I am in the minority who doesn't prefer said term.) Three hours into it and we were completely wiped out. We decided to recharge by drinking tea and having some food. After getting the necessary rest, we continued where we left off. We finally called it a day eight hours after setting our feet-which-had-no-clue-what-was-coming into the mall.

Needless to say, I had an amazing time with a cherished friend who will not be here for long. I had a ton of fun, and a few tonnes of great moments. Today was incredible.

And now I am spent from going out almost everyday since my finals ended. (Wowzers. I never realized that until...I realized that.) My flu has morphed into a sore throat but I am far from kvetching. My books and bed now beckon. Over and out.


Another Good Day

Today was Good Day #8724. I woke up in the morning to discover that I had a mild flu. (That wasn't the good part.) Then I tried to revive my semi-dead laptop via the method a friend taught me and lo and behold, the laptop came to life! For about two hours, sadly. I knew there wasn't much time to lose so I hurriedly saved the exceedingly precious documents in my laptop. It was a victorious moment and I owe my friend one. They are now safe in the sanctuary of my mother's laptop. Such irony.

Sometime in the afternoon, I received a call from a college friend who passed it to my Chemistry lecturer. I had felt weird on so many levels but didn't have time to acknowledge the feeling because she was throwing details at me which I had to jot down on paper. I think I now have a job as a student helper for my college which I am petrified of. Oh boy.

Shortly after that, I went to the mall with the best friend to catch a movie. We hadn't known there was a two-day mega-sale going on so we shopped a little after the movie. She managed to get a petite sundress for 10 bucks while I got a lame piece of clothing for 8 bucks. Splendid. Before we left, my brother asked me to get some pizza for his and my father's dinner. (I don't eat pizza; old news.) While we were waiting for the order, we observed this dude in the pizza mascot whom we had both thought was our college's Student Council President. He wasn't...I think.

An hour after I got home, I left for the gym with my father. It was the first time I had brought a storybook to the gym to read and it turned out to be a pretty good idea because I got a couple of pages in. Then I wondered if it was wrong to ask a person for his/her consent before calling because I seem to be doing that all the time -three times today to three different people, to be precise. Oy.

Praise God for the good days which have passed and will hopefully continue to pass. I am thankful beyond belief that I am not sleeping at four in the morning and having lunch at 4PM the next day. I am thankful that I have missions to accomplish -be it impossible or not- and productive things to do. I am thankful for good family members and friends I speak to on a daily basis. I am thankful the good always seem to outweigh the bad each day. And I am thankful for today. And I am thankful for the prawn dumpling I had for lunch just now. It was very yummy.

Tomorrow awaits.


Sweet Ride

Today was a glorious and rainy day. I woke up in the morning to discover that my left foot has healed overnight by God's healing hands. Then I fulfilled yet another task in the holiday to-do list by learning how to use the washing machine and the dryer. (I had also learned how to boil water a few days ago. It was an epic and touching moment.) Then I sat in one spot for a little over three hours and finished the third book. I killed some time after that by watching a comedy and had a good time laughing away like a loony because nobody in the house cared.

Night fell...and the most glorious moment of the day arrived. My mother had a flight to catch and I had asked my father earlier in the day if I could drive the family there. He said yes. He had also said we were taking the Bimmer (BMW). And so it was that I got to drive the Bimmer for the first time and boy was it an excellent ride. Because of the car, I mean. Not the driver (Read: yours truly).

At the airport, my brother and I tasted the most diluted drink of Coke that ever existed from McDonald's. It was so bad I think it must have consisted of 90% water and 10% Coke. Thankfully, the refill tasted much better. After my mother bade us all goodbye, my brother took over the Bimmer and drove us home. 'Twas a lovely day. And I am now on to my fourth book.

Quote of the day: "I'll name my son...Yo Yeo Check-it Out." -My brother the genius


An Un-boring Day

Today was a positively eventful day. I woke up before noon which was the first accomplishment of the day. Then I mastered the skill of removing price stickers from the back covers of books, which had been quite a feat since the stickers were perforated and it made the task more challenging. But I have to give some credit to my freakishly long fingernails -a little over 0.5cm and I kid you not- and my patience since it didn't run thin and the books weren't hurt in the process. Then I sat in front of the TV set and watched some shows...which must have been really boring since the titles of the shows escape me now.

Sometime in the evening, I left for the night market with my mother. I had expected the weather to be scorching hot since it usually is in the evening, but thankfully, the sky was pervaded with clouds the minute we stepped out of the car. After buying dinner and a ton of tasty junk food, we went home.

I read a couple of chapters of my third storybook of the semester break before I went to the gym with my father. There, I did an unspeakably ingenious move by speed-walking a bit too fast on the treadmill that the sole of my left foot is now throbbing with continual pain and I have to limp slightly. But it's a good thing reading doesn't require walking.