'U' to the 'S' to the 'A'

Got tagged recently by a friend who gave pretty awesome answers to the tag. Since this tag doesn't seem like an interrogation and doesn't ask five billion questions about the whos and whats around me, I am going to answer this willingly -with glee. Here goes:

Top 10 Places I Want to Go (otherwise -unintentionally- known as the land called America):

10. Disneyland -whichever one in the world, preferably one in America
Because I want to see the palace in the opening sequence of every Disney movie with my very own eyes. Or, as they call it, "witness the magical world of Disney."

9. The pineapple under the sea -possibly in the depths of a sea in America
To say hi to my yellow friend. And it is pretty cool that his crib is featured here, among other pineapple buildings.

8. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch -in Santa Barbara County, California
Because I think it is nifty. That is all.

7. An air and space museum -possibly one in America
Like the one in Transformers 2. Because it is the closest to heaven that I can get to.

6. A cockpit of a flying plane -possibly in the skies of America
Because I want to see the world through the windows of a plane in motion in the skies. And because I still want to fly.

5. A Book Factory -possibly one in America
Because I can't find a decent picture of a book factory on Google. And because there's nothing like smelling and caressing books which are just fresh out of the oven. Oh, the joy.

4. The 'Archuleta 4 President' Corn Maze -in Lehi, Utah
Enough said.

3. U.S. Air Force Academy -in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Because the 1/10 portion of my incomplete life would be complete then.

2. Best friends' weddings -in all parts of the globe...and America
Because there's no greater feeling than being with good friends on the happiest day of their lives.

1. Heaven -above America...and everywhere else
Because it is Home.


Olivia NLC said...

there's a corn maze for archuleta?! GOSH. HAHA anyway awesome places justine!! :D america <3

andre said...

:) such a sudden thought :D

Joyce said...

america is home? haha. it's been a while since i've been here.

Justine said...

Olivia, hehe, thank you. =)

Andre, what is? :D

Joyce, you've been there before?!?! Niceee!