Say 'NO' to Watermelon Seeds

Today was a pretty odd day -though I mean that in a good way. After watching a movie with my mother yesterday for the first time in years, I caught a movie with my brother today for the first time in months. We had left the house fifteen minutes before the movie began and made it to the mall with five minutes to spare since my brother had driven like a complete maniac -and that is an understatement. Post-movie, my brother who was positive he didn't want to get new shirts for his wardrobe ended up purchasing three shirts. Heh. It was a bit of a task to choose the shirts since our mother wasn't with us and I am the worst fashion consultant that ever walked the face of the Earth, my brother had to make all the decisions himself. And I have to admit that they were wise ones.

We had dinner at the mall before deciding to call it a day. I had my CG to attend right after that so my brother allowed me to drive back home. I had taken a total of twenty minutes to travel through the same path my brother had taken in under ten minutes. And as pathetically slow as I had driven, the both of us were in as much danger as we were in when my brother was driving. I have come to terms with the fact that I may continue to suck at driving for a very long time.

I am now munching on watermelon at my own free will though I am having a hard time with the watermelon seeds since Chuckie of Rugrats has ingrained in me (more than ten years ago) the notion that ingesting watermelon seeds would eventually sprout a watermelon plant in your tummy. The fear lives on in me until this very day.


andre said...

RANDOM MUCH? Hahaha. *pats* I'm sure you'll get better at driving!

Justine said...

Haha. Hopefully. =)

Faiz said...

Fast doesn't mean good.
Might be safe then sorry.
Rugrats = ♥

Joyce said...

the watermelon seed episode is totally ingrained in me too! :D rugrats rock.

Justine said...

Yes they do!!! :D