The Meaning of 'Awesome'

A day after my finals ended on Wednesday, I left for a three-day/two-night trip to Penang with a friend's family and another friend. If there is a word more awesome than 'awesome', it still wouldn't even be able to sufficiently describe just how awesome the trip had been. It was certainly one of the best starts to a holiday ever and these are a few reasons why:

1. The Hotel Room - Exceptionally comfortable and cozy, especially the bed. There were three TV sets in the suite room and the beach was right next to the hotel. I could've stayed indoors the entire time and I wouldn't have complained at all, even more so when I had brought a storybook to indulge in.

2. Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Café - Simply. Too. Flippin'. Awesome. For. Words. I was drooling (mentally, of course) the minute I had set foot into the place for the first time. It was insanely incredible to see the walls adorned with actual items used/worn by Madonna, Prince, Elton John, Tommy Lee, a Weezer band member, a Maroon 5 band member and a ton of other smokin' rockstars. There was also a Michael Jackson statue at the entrance of the place and boy was I reeling from the sheer coolness of it all. I was and still am in awe.

3. The Toy Museum - Apparently 'one of the largest in the world'. I wasn't so sure about that fact until I went in and was blown away by the amount of toys/figurines which were on display. It was mind-boggling to have a face -and all kinds at that either, be it human or alien or monster- stare back at you at every angle you face. There had also been giant-sized toys like Shrek, The Silver Surfer, King Kong, The Hulk, Sullivan of Monsters, Inc. and Yoda, to name 0.25% of the list of toys at the museum. I think I had as much fun as the kids had and so did my partner-in-picture-taking.

4. The Food - Penang is a food haven. Enough said.

5. The Company - It was such a pleasure to have been able to spend time with my friend's two overwhelmingly adorable kids. They had uttered so many epic lines -conjured only in the mind of kids- that I had sadly forgotten most of them. The other friend and I also got to exercise our paparazzi skills by sneakily snapping numerous pictures of the two little ones doing just about anything, like walking and eating and running and standing and doing nothing. And it was also an immense pleasure to have spent it with really phenomenal people who I've come to know and cherish through an extraordinary artist. The trip was well worth it and I had no regrets whatsoever.

6. The Reminder - That there really is no place like home. Even though I had loved and enjoyed everything about the trip, I had the slight urge to kiss the floor of my house the minute I reached home. (But I didn't actually do that, just so you know.) Maybe it was the crazy long journey to and fro or maybe it was my bed beckoning for me via telepathy...but I had honestly missed home. It is good to be back.

The holidays are now stretched out before me and I really hope I will develop the ability to use my time wisely because I have been trying to do so since I had the privilege of having holidays. I shall get back to my book now.


Ikitron said...

Welcome home ;)

Justine said...

Thank you. Good to be home. =)