I Cried When...

1. I was a baby
Aside from the usual cries for food, sleep, solitude, curry, cash, justice, etc, I had cried everytime I saw people (excluding my family). This explains why I am not a people-person now. The signs were evident since I was born.

2. I accidentally stepped on a friend's hand
Too lame. Because the friend should've been the one sobbing, not me. My first standard classroom had a raised platform at the front and I had been standing on it for a reason that escapes me. When I stepped down from the platform, I had accidentally stepped on the hand of a friend who was sitting down on the floor. The first thing I did was apologize profusely while the first thing she did was threaten to tell her mother. And I cried. Brilliant. If I could go back in time and revisit my seven-year-old self in the flesh, I would mercilessly smack her left, right and center, ask her to get a grip and tell her to eat her vegetables.

3. I got a B for an English test
The part of the test which I had lost the most marks in was the essay. I had been so crestfallen when I got the test paper back that the first thing I did when I got into my mother's car was bawl my eyes out. Pathetic. In retrospect, I realized that I was -and maybe still am- a pretty lousy writer. Because really, how hard was it to write an essay about shopping?

4. I didn't have transport to my Chemistry tuition
A friend who had carpooled with me couldn't make it for the Chemistry tuition that day and my mother couldn't send me as well since she had an appointment. And since I was convinced that my life would be over if I had missed that one-and-a-half-hour class, I cried in the bathroom. When I finally got out of the bathroom, my mother told me that she could send me to the tuition on the way to her appointment. And so I was able to make it for the tuition. This happened during my second month as a Fourth Former and I was already having a bit of a breakdown. Pathetic to the power of two.

5. My eyelash fell into my eye
This is what I regard as involuntary crying. My eyelashes are somehow engineered in such a way that when they fall, they fall right into my eyes. And since the pain is sometimes unbearable, my tear ducts betray me by producing tears. Thankfully, the tears stop flowing the minute I poke my finger into my eye and remove the pesky eyelash. Pshaw.

6. The ENT doctor performed a medical dressing before the surgery
It was necessary to prevent the infection from exacerbating and since I wasn't sedated then, the pain was unbelievably insane. Both the nurse and my mother had to laboriously lock me in place while the specialist did his thing. After the check-up after the surgery, I never visited the ENT doctor ever again.

7. (to be written)


anne said...

awwww! its quite amusing sometimes the things we cry(or used to cry) at hehehe.we live,we learn,we cry XD but i guess thats what makes us people different eh? emotions :)

Faiz said...

Was literally ROFL reading this.
So funny.

Justine said...

Glad to be a form of amusement to you, Faiz. =) (And no sarcasm there. Haha.)