Good Times After Good Times

Today was yet another eventful day. Three friends and I visited a mega-huge book sale which had as many people as there had been cheaply-priced books. Amazingly, I didn't purchase a single book since I had more than thirty unread books at home. And not-so-amazingly, I was just kidding. I ended up buying nine books and four magazines for less than a hundred bucks. The rest of my friends had also purchased several books since they were so maddeningly cheap. So now I have a little over forty unread books. Sweet.

After the book sale, we decided to head to +Wondermilk for just the most exquisite cupcakes. One of the friends was so fascinated with the beauty of the cupcakes and everything else about the store that she spent time snapping pictures of the cupcakes before munching on them with pleasure. Shortly after that, we had to call it a day because night was about to fall.

'Twas an amazing day spent with cheap books, yummy cupcakes and great friends. Tomorrow will be yet another amazing day. I am loving the holidays so far. Now I shall get started on wrapping the books.

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