Good, Good, Good, Bad

3/4 of today was good while the other 1/4 of the day was downright painful. It was good because I got to judge a debate with three other friends in this semester's ENGL101 course. It was also good because I got to watch Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' film/rehearsal footages with my mother, which is a huge shocker and a pleasant change since the last time my mother entered the cinema was a little over five years ago. It was good as well because I got to eat Japanese food for dinner. But it was especially painful because I had uninstall a billion unnecessary programs on my laptop since my desktop had looked like the following. In the process of uninstalling the programs, I had to restart the laptop seven consecutive times; definitely a first. And hopefully the last. I could've celebrated my nineteenth birthday already and the uninstallation still wouldn't have been done. But alas, I cleaned up my desktop and it looks much neater now, thankfully. Now all I have to do is spend ten years trying to figure out how Photoshop works -for my assignments/posters- after installing it with my brother's much-needed help.

A virtual work of art.


li anne said...

whoa ur desktop is er happening alright! LOL. and awww julianne!

Olivia NLC said...

HAHAHAHAHA your desktop. gosh! i thought mine was bad xD this made my day :P

andre said...

omg. mine is definitely better. (: haha. good luck with photoshop!

Justine said...

Anne, bwahahahaha! :P

Olivia, thank you! You telling me that it made your day made my day! Haha. I cleaned up my desktop a bit last night but it is already looking to be how it was now... Adui.

Andre, thank you!!! =)