12 Minutes

My third semester finals have ended today and the taste of freedom is sweet but sadly overrated. I have a million and one things planned out for the month-long holidays for fear that I may lapse into boredom overdose like I did the last two semester breaks. It is an amazing feeling to have actually survived this semester -whether in one piece or a few- since it had been one of the most brutal ones thanks to a combination of three murderous subjects. Still, I think I learned an equal amount of academic and life knowledge from both the textbooks and out of them. And I wouldn't change a single thing I did this semester; even though half the things I had done this semester heightened my sheer stupidity.

On a less mellow note, some of things I have planned out for the semester break are as follows:-
- Read
- Sleep
- Read
- Learn to boil water
- Read
- Learn to iron
- Read
- Everything else in the list here

I am just hoping against hope that everything goes according to plan. Or at least half of it does. Or maybe one-fourth of it. Or maybe just two items. Yeah, that would do.

P/S: This post was titled '12 Minutes' because it took me 12 minutes to type this post out. It is probably the shortest I have taken for a post in eons. And I took 12 minutes because my laptop has crashed -perfect timing, I say- and I am using my mother's one now while she naps. And she is about to get up.


Joyce said...


andre said...

12 minutes?!

Justine said...

Joyce, tak tau. =(

Andre, why??? Is that long? :S

Olivia NLC said...

LOL based on your list,except iron clothes, i can't do all of them too! haha but i refused to admit i am spoiled xD

andre said...

VERY long. i blog like what? 1 minute? Teehee.

Justine said...

Olivia, haha, high 5! But I admit that I am spoiled. Too spoiled. :X

Andre, oh. I take an average of 30-40 minutes for a blog post average in length. Hafta type, post, re-read, edit, re-post and re-read. Hahaha!