Good Times After Good Times

Today was yet another eventful day. Three friends and I visited a mega-huge book sale which had as many people as there had been cheaply-priced books. Amazingly, I didn't purchase a single book since I had more than thirty unread books at home. And not-so-amazingly, I was just kidding. I ended up buying nine books and four magazines for less than a hundred bucks. The rest of my friends had also purchased several books since they were so maddeningly cheap. So now I have a little over forty unread books. Sweet.

After the book sale, we decided to head to +Wondermilk for just the most exquisite cupcakes. One of the friends was so fascinated with the beauty of the cupcakes and everything else about the store that she spent time snapping pictures of the cupcakes before munching on them with pleasure. Shortly after that, we had to call it a day because night was about to fall.

'Twas an amazing day spent with cheap books, yummy cupcakes and great friends. Tomorrow will be yet another amazing day. I am loving the holidays so far. Now I shall get started on wrapping the books.


The Meaning of 'Awesome'

A day after my finals ended on Wednesday, I left for a three-day/two-night trip to Penang with a friend's family and another friend. If there is a word more awesome than 'awesome', it still wouldn't even be able to sufficiently describe just how awesome the trip had been. It was certainly one of the best starts to a holiday ever and these are a few reasons why:

1. The Hotel Room - Exceptionally comfortable and cozy, especially the bed. There were three TV sets in the suite room and the beach was right next to the hotel. I could've stayed indoors the entire time and I wouldn't have complained at all, even more so when I had brought a storybook to indulge in.

2. Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Café - Simply. Too. Flippin'. Awesome. For. Words. I was drooling (mentally, of course) the minute I had set foot into the place for the first time. It was insanely incredible to see the walls adorned with actual items used/worn by Madonna, Prince, Elton John, Tommy Lee, a Weezer band member, a Maroon 5 band member and a ton of other smokin' rockstars. There was also a Michael Jackson statue at the entrance of the place and boy was I reeling from the sheer coolness of it all. I was and still am in awe.

3. The Toy Museum - Apparently 'one of the largest in the world'. I wasn't so sure about that fact until I went in and was blown away by the amount of toys/figurines which were on display. It was mind-boggling to have a face -and all kinds at that either, be it human or alien or monster- stare back at you at every angle you face. There had also been giant-sized toys like Shrek, The Silver Surfer, King Kong, The Hulk, Sullivan of Monsters, Inc. and Yoda, to name 0.25% of the list of toys at the museum. I think I had as much fun as the kids had and so did my partner-in-picture-taking.

4. The Food - Penang is a food haven. Enough said.

5. The Company - It was such a pleasure to have been able to spend time with my friend's two overwhelmingly adorable kids. They had uttered so many epic lines -conjured only in the mind of kids- that I had sadly forgotten most of them. The other friend and I also got to exercise our paparazzi skills by sneakily snapping numerous pictures of the two little ones doing just about anything, like walking and eating and running and standing and doing nothing. And it was also an immense pleasure to have spent it with really phenomenal people who I've come to know and cherish through an extraordinary artist. The trip was well worth it and I had no regrets whatsoever.

6. The Reminder - That there really is no place like home. Even though I had loved and enjoyed everything about the trip, I had the slight urge to kiss the floor of my house the minute I reached home. (But I didn't actually do that, just so you know.) Maybe it was the crazy long journey to and fro or maybe it was my bed beckoning for me via telepathy...but I had honestly missed home. It is good to be back.

The holidays are now stretched out before me and I really hope I will develop the ability to use my time wisely because I have been trying to do so since I had the privilege of having holidays. I shall get back to my book now.


12 Minutes

My third semester finals have ended today and the taste of freedom is sweet but sadly overrated. I have a million and one things planned out for the month-long holidays for fear that I may lapse into boredom overdose like I did the last two semester breaks. It is an amazing feeling to have actually survived this semester -whether in one piece or a few- since it had been one of the most brutal ones thanks to a combination of three murderous subjects. Still, I think I learned an equal amount of academic and life knowledge from both the textbooks and out of them. And I wouldn't change a single thing I did this semester; even though half the things I had done this semester heightened my sheer stupidity.

On a less mellow note, some of things I have planned out for the semester break are as follows:-
- Read
- Sleep
- Read
- Learn to boil water
- Read
- Learn to iron
- Read
- Everything else in the list here

I am just hoping against hope that everything goes according to plan. Or at least half of it does. Or maybe one-fourth of it. Or maybe just two items. Yeah, that would do.

P/S: This post was titled '12 Minutes' because it took me 12 minutes to type this post out. It is probably the shortest I have taken for a post in eons. And I took 12 minutes because my laptop has crashed -perfect timing, I say- and I am using my mother's one now while she naps. And she is about to get up.


Picture Mode

Since the last time I had blogged, many eventful things have happened but I haven't had the time to blog about it. And since I am now in the midst of my college finals, I figure it would be the perfect time to do it. I had initially written a 600-word (and counting) narration on the sequence of events. But the more I went on about each detail, the more I realized how somniferous the post was going to turn out. (I also realized a ton of other stuff; like how I may have lost my will to blog or worse: my will to write. In which case, oy.) So I shall post pictures -instead of words- of what had happened:

Saturday: Had a priceless time with incredible people; particularly these two little ones.

Sunday: Supported a friend who was in a competition. Fans of The Jonas Brothers are adept at squealing and screaming and squealing and screaming. And squealing.

Thursday: Presented on our Physics poster regarding B-2 Stealth Bombers. The weaponry of the aircraft is beautiful.

Friday: Drank lots of tea as caffeine since finals have officially begun today. But the four cups pictured above were for the four members in my family, with the biggest cup being my brother's. Huh.



Note: I have been wanting to post this since the beginning of time and if I don’t I will never rest.

I know a girl who irks me beyond belief. She didn’t used to be this paranoid about the grades of every single test but now she is. She didn’t need to hold her tongue because there wasn’t any need to but now there is. She didn’t used to be this ungrateful despite the many great things around her but now she is. She didn’t used to be this indecisive about things that matter but now she is. She didn’t used to be brought down by the things that don’t actually matter but now she is. She didn’t used to try to stand on her own but now she is –and failing at it, I might add. She didn’t used to be dispassionate about anything but now she is –about everything. She didn't used to be this selfish and self-absorbed but now she is. She didn’t used to be this abhorrent but now she is. Without a doubt.

I don’t know how and when she became like this and I don’t and never have liked this version of her. I don’t know what to say to her to make her change because I have been trying impossibly hard to do so but it is never enough. I don’t know why she is constantly discouraged in anything she does but I think I do. I don’t know why she can’t quit being annoying because that is starting to get too annoying to handle. And I don’t know how she is able to live with herself because I certainly can’t.

This girl is the same age as I am and shares all the same interests as I do. She looks like me, sounds like me and acts like me. And lo and behold, she is me. And I hate her. I really do. And if I saw her as a person outside of me, I would literally punch her until sense floods back into her head. I have been wanting to punch something/someone lately anyway.

I know I am loved. But I am hated by the one person who shouldn’t: myself. Psh.

P/S: Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t panic because everything is well. I am just going through the teenage angst phase I am not supposed to. There are 48721 posts just like this in the World Wide Web. All is good. Except maybe the expired food in the refrigerator.

PP/S: If you are reading this and you are not my mom, this is one of those times when what’s written in the blog stays in the blog. I am not troubled. (OK, maybe I am.) Just at peace now that I’ve finally written this post.

PPP/S: I am not emotional. Nor am I in denial. I am just undeniably emotional. Aiiee!

*more will be added to this post when a new repulsive trait pops up into my head


'U' to the 'S' to the 'A'

Got tagged recently by a friend who gave pretty awesome answers to the tag. Since this tag doesn't seem like an interrogation and doesn't ask five billion questions about the whos and whats around me, I am going to answer this willingly -with glee. Here goes:

Top 10 Places I Want to Go (otherwise -unintentionally- known as the land called America):

10. Disneyland -whichever one in the world, preferably one in America
Because I want to see the palace in the opening sequence of every Disney movie with my very own eyes. Or, as they call it, "witness the magical world of Disney."

9. The pineapple under the sea -possibly in the depths of a sea in America
To say hi to my yellow friend. And it is pretty cool that his crib is featured here, among other pineapple buildings.

8. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch -in Santa Barbara County, California
Because I think it is nifty. That is all.

7. An air and space museum -possibly one in America
Like the one in Transformers 2. Because it is the closest to heaven that I can get to.

6. A cockpit of a flying plane -possibly in the skies of America
Because I want to see the world through the windows of a plane in motion in the skies. And because I still want to fly.

5. A Book Factory -possibly one in America
Because I can't find a decent picture of a book factory on Google. And because there's nothing like smelling and caressing books which are just fresh out of the oven. Oh, the joy.

4. The 'Archuleta 4 President' Corn Maze -in Lehi, Utah
Enough said.

3. U.S. Air Force Academy -in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Because the 1/10 portion of my incomplete life would be complete then.

2. Best friends' weddings -in all parts of the globe...and America
Because there's no greater feeling than being with good friends on the happiest day of their lives.

1. Heaven -above America...and everywhere else
Because it is Home.


Say 'NO' to Watermelon Seeds

Today was a pretty odd day -though I mean that in a good way. After watching a movie with my mother yesterday for the first time in years, I caught a movie with my brother today for the first time in months. We had left the house fifteen minutes before the movie began and made it to the mall with five minutes to spare since my brother had driven like a complete maniac -and that is an understatement. Post-movie, my brother who was positive he didn't want to get new shirts for his wardrobe ended up purchasing three shirts. Heh. It was a bit of a task to choose the shirts since our mother wasn't with us and I am the worst fashion consultant that ever walked the face of the Earth, my brother had to make all the decisions himself. And I have to admit that they were wise ones.

We had dinner at the mall before deciding to call it a day. I had my CG to attend right after that so my brother allowed me to drive back home. I had taken a total of twenty minutes to travel through the same path my brother had taken in under ten minutes. And as pathetically slow as I had driven, the both of us were in as much danger as we were in when my brother was driving. I have come to terms with the fact that I may continue to suck at driving for a very long time.

I am now munching on watermelon at my own free will though I am having a hard time with the watermelon seeds since Chuckie of Rugrats has ingrained in me (more than ten years ago) the notion that ingesting watermelon seeds would eventually sprout a watermelon plant in your tummy. The fear lives on in me until this very day.


Good, Good, Good, Bad

3/4 of today was good while the other 1/4 of the day was downright painful. It was good because I got to judge a debate with three other friends in this semester's ENGL101 course. It was also good because I got to watch Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' film/rehearsal footages with my mother, which is a huge shocker and a pleasant change since the last time my mother entered the cinema was a little over five years ago. It was good as well because I got to eat Japanese food for dinner. But it was especially painful because I had uninstall a billion unnecessary programs on my laptop since my desktop had looked like the following. In the process of uninstalling the programs, I had to restart the laptop seven consecutive times; definitely a first. And hopefully the last. I could've celebrated my nineteenth birthday already and the uninstallation still wouldn't have been done. But alas, I cleaned up my desktop and it looks much neater now, thankfully. Now all I have to do is spend ten years trying to figure out how Photoshop works -for my assignments/posters- after installing it with my brother's much-needed help.

A virtual work of art.


I Cried When...

1. I was a baby
Aside from the usual cries for food, sleep, solitude, curry, cash, justice, etc, I had cried everytime I saw people (excluding my family). This explains why I am not a people-person now. The signs were evident since I was born.

2. I accidentally stepped on a friend's hand
Too lame. Because the friend should've been the one sobbing, not me. My first standard classroom had a raised platform at the front and I had been standing on it for a reason that escapes me. When I stepped down from the platform, I had accidentally stepped on the hand of a friend who was sitting down on the floor. The first thing I did was apologize profusely while the first thing she did was threaten to tell her mother. And I cried. Brilliant. If I could go back in time and revisit my seven-year-old self in the flesh, I would mercilessly smack her left, right and center, ask her to get a grip and tell her to eat her vegetables.

3. I got a B for an English test
The part of the test which I had lost the most marks in was the essay. I had been so crestfallen when I got the test paper back that the first thing I did when I got into my mother's car was bawl my eyes out. Pathetic. In retrospect, I realized that I was -and maybe still am- a pretty lousy writer. Because really, how hard was it to write an essay about shopping?

4. I didn't have transport to my Chemistry tuition
A friend who had carpooled with me couldn't make it for the Chemistry tuition that day and my mother couldn't send me as well since she had an appointment. And since I was convinced that my life would be over if I had missed that one-and-a-half-hour class, I cried in the bathroom. When I finally got out of the bathroom, my mother told me that she could send me to the tuition on the way to her appointment. And so I was able to make it for the tuition. This happened during my second month as a Fourth Former and I was already having a bit of a breakdown. Pathetic to the power of two.

5. My eyelash fell into my eye
This is what I regard as involuntary crying. My eyelashes are somehow engineered in such a way that when they fall, they fall right into my eyes. And since the pain is sometimes unbearable, my tear ducts betray me by producing tears. Thankfully, the tears stop flowing the minute I poke my finger into my eye and remove the pesky eyelash. Pshaw.

6. The ENT doctor performed a medical dressing before the surgery
It was necessary to prevent the infection from exacerbating and since I wasn't sedated then, the pain was unbelievably insane. Both the nurse and my mother had to laboriously lock me in place while the specialist did his thing. After the check-up after the surgery, I never visited the ENT doctor ever again.

7. (to be written)