Resuming from where I last left off, this is the second episode of The You-don't-need-to-know Weekly News.

a) On Wednesday, I had the incredible opportunity of meeting up with a friend's friend who is a nineteen-year-old pilot. Spent a little over an hour asking questions about piloting and listening to extraordinarily moving stories of how he came to achieve his dream of flying. I was and still am in complete awe of what an amazing experience his journey to the skies had been. And that journey isn't ending anytime soon.
Word cloud, according to the frequency of words used, for one of my previous posts "I Have a Dream".

b) On Thursday, I went a bit barmy. Partly because of the challenging topic that was being covered in Calculus class but mostly because I just discovered The Red Arrows the night before. And after watching numerous earth-shattering videos (like this) of their aerobatics performance, I didn't want to be anywhere but up in the clouds. Clearly, this persistent need to fly in a jet is slowly consuming my every thought and want. Oy.
The Red Arrows defining perfection.

c) On Friday, I got chided by the Chemistry lecturer for snacking on Cheezels in the classroom before the lesson began. This was just another unfortunate event whose fault does not, I repeat, does not lie in me. But I admit that I love Cheezels.
Cheezels, me like.

d) Today, exactly two weeks after I had sat for the TOEFL examination, the results were posted. I grimly got out of bed and anxiously turned on the laptop. Then I exhaled a sigh of relief when the results popped up on screen. I knew for sure that I sucked big-time in the speaking section...I only hadn't known how terribly I had performed in the reading section. But God has greatly blessed me with more than I should have gotten. My glory is His glory. Thank You, Father, for reminding me yet again that my fear was unnecessary.

e) Today, my calculator chose to end its life. It has served my brother and me well.

f) Lately, all I have been thinking about is flying. And that very thought couldn't have been any more serious. My head is telling me to quit dreaming because that dream is far from coming true. But then my heart, as lame as that sounds, is nudging me to go for it, regardless of how long I have to wait for it to come at least semi-true. In a way, I have great comfort that my brother is on this ride with me. So if I don't reach there, he will. This will always be out of my hands, but will forever remain in God's hands. So my faith lies in Him.
What my cool momma said.

Stay tuned for more You-don't-need-to-know Weekly News: The News You Don't Need To Know, So Why Bother? next week.


andre said...

justine, one favor. can you stop the "you-dont-need-to-know" thing? sorry.

that aside, the post was thoughtful and reflective :) s'been a meaningful week huh :D

Faiz said...

Andre, how come?
Its interesting.

And Justine, you are addicted to the Red Arrows.
Do chase your dreams.
I know you can grasp it.
Don't let anything stop you.

Justine said...