Word Vomit

Part 1: Yesterday, this appeared on the newspaper. When I went home, I couldn't get online thanks to the lightning and torrential rain earlier. Then today, my Chemistry lecturer mentioned that she saw the article. I weep.

Part 2: Yesterday, I heard the best sound in the whole wide world: my mother and father laughing simultaneously for a very long time over something I couldn't hear.

Part 3: A couple of tests/quizzes were returned throughout the week. I am thankful. And I am happy. But not as happy as I should be. Because I realized that when life is going great for you but not for the people around you who matter, the sadness partially outweighs the joy. And the helplessness wholly outweighs the joy. Because I want to help but I don't know how. And that means I need help in helping people out. And that is probably the saddest trait one could ever own. And I am not only talking about academics, but life in general. Because academics aren't everything and never will be. And I have to constantly remind myself that as I remind others.

Part 4: I woke up this morning feeling slightly drunk and still do. My head feels a bit heavy and the world seems to be spinning around me though they aren't. I need help walking straight and sitting still though I don't. Not really. I think the semicircular canals located in my inner ears -as I recall from Second Form Science- have ceased functioning. But I will get them to work soon. (Disclaimer: I am not actually drunk.)

Part 5: I think I have officially become something I never wanted to be: emotional and confused and hungry and sleepy at the same time. Oy.

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