Ultimate Book Sale

Today, I went for my first ever major book sale and dragged my cousin brother along. I had thought that half an hour would be sufficient time for us to browse through and cull the books we had wanted...until we arrived and saw what the place looked like.
Heaven looks a lot like this. (OK, not really.)

Time seemed to fly by as we scavenged for good books. With each table I had visited, I picked up at least one book until I finally had to get an unused box to store the books in. After an an hour and forty minutes of minor arm-flexing (thanks to the hefty books I was lugging all over) and major cringing (since I saw countless books which I already have for rock-bottom prices), we left with seventeen books in total -twelve for me and five for my cousin brother.
The glorious stash in my room.

And now I have two tests coming up and too little time to revise for them. Oy. Still, nothing can wipe the smile off my face.


andre said...

okay i seriously have to borrow your books! haha how come you can find so many awesome one? :P

heaven looks like that! :D

Justine said...

Yeah sure! You didn't see those books? I was going through as many books as I possibly could at each table...that's why it was so time-consuming. But fun! =)