Time For Everything

Yesterday was a highly eventful day. After getting back a pretty-crappy-but-not-really test paper and almost initiating a fistfight with the lady at the program office in college who turned out to be exceptionally kind and patient, I went home in shame and self-disgust. I had time to sort myself out and mentally slap myself before I had to visit my ex-English teacher's place for the Deepavali open house. I was the first guest at her place and spent a good few minutes talking to her and sharing about how life has been getting on. I missed and still miss her dearly. A great high school friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in many months came shortly after I did and so we caught up with each other as well...for the next two and a half hours. Besides having an enjoyable time with them, I also had an enjoyable time with my teacher's four-year-old son/one half of a twin who somehow loved to poke me with a fork/forks, whack me as many times as he possibly can in a second, stomp on my foot and accuse me of saying things that never escaped my mouth. Huh. I shall revolt in the future.

An hour after I got back home, another awesome high school friend came over to chill and tell me all about her flew-to-another-country-for-a-band-and-got-backstage-squeal! adventure. As crazy as she is, I am glad she had the time of her life doing what she did. Sometimes life is too short to let those indelible moments pass you by. When she was finally done giving me a detailed account of what had happened during her little adventure, we watched an awesomely hilarious movie and just sat back and relaxed. I had a fantastic time and I hope she did, too.

For the first time all month, I slept before midnight because both my body and brain crashed right after dinner. Today promises to be a bit of a tedium since there is a Physics test on Monday and the one thing on my to-do list is Study and not fall asleep. Oy. But before I do that, I shall go watch an animated movie first.

Over and out.

To everything there is a season: A time to weep, a time to laugh. -Ecclesiastes 3

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