The Three Reading This (Hopefully)

After surviving the 3-day Internet-lockdown and watching a supremely fantastic and thought-provoking movie, I decided to post the following to the three dudes who have seen me at my worst and at my almost-best. So, in absolutely no particular order (except, maybe, alphabetical order) I want to dedicate the following to the three of you:

Andre, I think you are one of the first few faces I distinctly remember in the first few days of college though I never got the guts to go up and speak to you. So I am thankful beyond words that I despise Theatre and chose to sign up for Music instead during summer semester and came to have you as an extraordinary friend. It goes without saying that you have been more of a friend to me than I have ever been to you since the start of this friendship. But I hope to improve on that. If I could pick one thing about you that I wish to emulate, it’s your sheer selflessness. I don’t think I can thank you enough for all the help (both in academics and non-academics) you have so willingly provided me with over the months –and you are still doing so. Thank you for your trust in me –be it then or now or both– because I can’t and never will be able to put a value to it as I know that it is not easy for you to do that. And I thank you for always being a form of encouragement and for having faith in me even when I didn’t. I only ask that you view yourself the way I do because you are awesome in every way and no, I don’t care if you think otherwise. You possess a really wise (and interesting) soul. So (try to) never spare even a thought of hopelessness…because you are anything but. You are great and you always will be, O’ Awesome One. Trust me on this.

Faiz, you are one of the longest (and greatest) friends I’ve had the privilege of knowing since the beginning of college. Your friendship and trust have been an immense blessing in my life and I know for a fact that I am a better person because I learn the best life lessons from you. Your slow-to-anger and quick-to-move-on traits have taught me that life is an amazing journey filled with ups and downs and the only thing I am allowed to complain about is having a life that is too spectacular for words. Thank you for always being there for me and putting up with a whole lot of my ranting. I appreciate every single piece of solid advice –and awesome song recommendation– you have given me and will remember your words of wisdom for a long time to come. You are definitely one of the rare mature dudes I’ve known and I hope you stay the same way in the future. Never fear when things do not go your way because if they don’t live up to your expectations, they will probably exceed your expectations. So just be on the lookout and be patient. I know with all my heart that you will achieve great things in the future. And I hope you can believe in yourself enough to make the semi-reality I have in my head to a complete reality in your life. I’ll meet you up in the skies.

Ikhsan, I don’t know how you do it but you continue to amaze me with your uncanny ability to tolerate my murderously high level of annoyance. I know you will crack someday and revolt against me but as for now, I am eternally grateful for your countless acts of kindness. People who have met you for the first time tell me you are an incredibly nice dude and I can’t disagree even if I wanted to –just to aggravate you, that is. I truly apologize for being a real pain all this while in any and every way. I know I owe you big-time for your thoughts, words and deeds. And I can only hope to return the uncountable favors in time. Thank you for always lending a helping hand and an attentive ear whenever I needed them. And thank you for keeping me on the right track whenever life seems to throw me off. You are a great blessing to me and I am glad I regard you as a friend of mine. I pray that you will always stand tall in life and remain unfettered by anything that seems to get in your way. Never change and lose yourself because your attitude towards life is both admirable and enviable. (I’ll get there…someday…hopefully…when I’m thirty…or older…maybe.) I know you, among most people, aren’t afraid to dream big. So dream big. And I’ll dream with you.

P/S: Don’t ask me why I posted this out of the blue. I am as clueless as you are…with an extra dose of appreciation and gratitude. Sorry if you cringed reading the above. But because I cringed typing the above as well, we’re even.

PP/S: Cheers to our friendship!

PPP/S: Cheers to you three!


andre said...

Awww! Thank you! And some things are just so not true about me! :c :P Haha. DONT call me O' Awesome One EVER. Like Forever and ever... :P Your post TTTKA! :D

Justine said...

Like I said, I DON'T CARE what you think! :P

Faiz said...

Your welcome Justine for everything.
And THANK YOU for being a spectaculor friend as well.

Justine said...