Recapping the Moments

October 3rd, 2009
Today was, hands-down, one of the greatest days of my life as a college student thanks to a series of fortunate as well as unfortunate events. I got up early in the morning, packed my change of clothes for the wedding later in the day and headed to my friend's place. I left my change of clothes over at her place since the plan was to get back to her home to shower and change for the wedding after the air show was over. But as per normal, things don't always go according to plan.

After meeting up in college with four other friends, we left for the Royal Malaysian Air Force to witness an air show -gratis. We arrived at the airbase several minutes before it commenced. I couldn't remember much of the first air performance mainly because the second one was and is completely etched onto my memory. The whole stunning display of aerobatics had comprised of six Thunderbirds flown by the U.S. Air Force. I don't think I could have counted the number of times my breath caught and the number of times I cheered and jumped in excitement -much to the annoyance and horror of everyone around me- whenever a glorious maneuver was executed perfectly in the air. The sound of the revving engine whenever an aircraft swifted by; the befitting music playing in the background; the brilliant sun shining above as the jets zoomed higher and higher into the sky -all these evoked the most overwhelming joy inside of me and no words can describe what an amazing feeling it was to watch that absolutely splendid air show. It kicked off with a bang and ended with an even louder bang. It would have been even more epic if the guns had been brought to the air show but no matter; my life was complete then. To quote a friend once the air show ended, "I'd be happy to die; right here, right now."

The journey out of the airbase wasn't a very pleasant one since there was a massive jam with all the cars getting out of the place at the same time. We were caught in the jam for two insanely long hours and tried our hardest to remain sane since we were running incredibly late for a friend's sister's wedding. Once we got out of the place, we went to the nearest mall and gave ourselves fifteen minutes to get done with whatever we needed to do. Since what I had worn was appropriate for jumping up and down like a loony at an air show (but not a wedding) and my change of clothes was at my friend's place, I had no choice but to get appropriate attire for the wedding. I ended up buying a pair of baju kurung since we were on a crunch time and the wedding had already begun two hours ago. We finally arrived at the wedding fashionably -with reference to my friends, not me- late but still had a great time in the company of one another.

Happy people.

The day was definitely one for the books and I had an unforgettable experience doing awesome things with awesome people in my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the opportunity to witness an epic air show, get caught in a jam for two hours to get to a place just fifteen minutes away, participate in a pseudo-Amazing Race episode, buy a baju kurung, buy a baju kurung in less than five minutes and attend a Malay wedding for the first time ever -all in one single day. Ever since the air show, I have been inspired to pursue my long-forgotten dream of flying a military jet. And I just might reach for the dream...once I calculate the probability of me dying in an aircraft while serving the air force.

"Being a Thunderbird pilot is the most exciting job on earth!" -One of the Google books

To be flown by yours truly. In this lifetime. Hopefully. Maybe so.

September 27th, 2009
It was my cousin brother's sixteenth birthday and my first official day as an eighteen-year-old. My cousin sister had just turned eighteen (eighteen days before I turned eighteen) and so we had a little birthday dinner with all three families. Just like with every other family dinner we have with the presence of the cousins, I had an amazing time catching up with my cousins while having good food. The highlight of the night was when I was made to open the gift my cousin sisters got for me. It turned out to be a rather embarrassing move because the first thing I did when I saw the gift was scream like a crazed little girl -no kidding. Besides wanting to be shot right at that very moment, I was so touched and so unbelievably happy that my heart swelled with love and joy.

After cutting the shared birthday cake and taking a few family shots with me donning my birthday gift, we decided to call it a night. Before my cousin sisters left though, they gave me a huge box and told me that it was meant for me. I thought they were kidding until, naturally, they told me they were serious. I didn't think my heart could swell with happiness anymore but I was wrong. Because when I opened the box and saw the precious SpongeBob items which must have taken them an eternity or two to find, my heart swelled even more. And when I saw the eight letters for eight days thoughtfully and wonderfully written by my cousin sister, I was so touched and bursting with euphoria that my heart exploded. And mended itself on its own shortly after.

Since eight days have already passed and I have read all of the letters, I just want to say thank you to my cousin sister for blessing my life with so much wisdom and love. I can't imagine the amount of effort put into writing all those cards which are far from ordinary and I am not afraid to admit that I had actually teared up while reading one of the cards -which is something I am completely incapable of doing. Cheers to you, twin! Let's live for Him and make our eighteenth year more phenomenal than our seventeenth year.

Four-eyed monster.


Ikitron said...

Loving the sept27th post :D

And the thunderbirds.......ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im sure they wudve noticed u jumping up and down since u were so close to them oso :P

Justine said...

Hehehehehehehe. =) If they had formed this cheerleading squad for the Thunderbirds, I'd lead the team!!! Hahaha, just kidding! :P

andre said...

ehhhhh the baju kurung suited you leh! :D glad you guys had fun at the airshow and the wedding!! :)