In less than one hour and fifty-nine minutes, I will be on complete Internet-lockdown (or more precisely: total abstinence from any social networking sites) for an experiment which I will have to document over the course of the next three days. I am not too sure if I will be able to come out of this alive or in one piece because three days of staring at the laptop screen and not being able to click on the desktop icons to get online would be equivalent to three millenniums. I am now freaking out massively and can't function optimally at the moment since my survival skills outside the World Wide Web are pretty minimal. I know I sound melodramatic -because I actually am, sadly- but I am going to need a lot of support to stay sane.

Some of the things which I have planned to do in the midst of this harrowing ordeal:-
1 - Stare at the laptop
2 - Meet awesome people
3 - Dream about the joys of using the World Wide Web
4 - Sleep
5 - Will my head to log on to the Internet without actually using the laptop/Develop a superpower of the mind
6 - Read
7 - Remain alive


Kiki said...

All the best to ya. =)

Justine said...

Thank you! I survived! Hehe.