Life Turns Around

Part 1: On Saturday, I came to terms with the fact that my life sucks...for about ten minutes before I snapped out of it. Then my mother came home from the mall with twelve of these to add to the other two already in the house; announcing that Christmas has definitely arrived. Life turns around.
Pure amazingness.

Part 2: After eleven insanely stupid hours of revising for the Physics test yesterday by completing eleven test papers from the past few years, I learned the difference between studying hard and studying smart when I sat for the test itself today. (Burning the test paper into ashes would probably be tantamount to how I had performed in the test.) But then I bumped into a collegemate earlier in the day who told me that there was a scholarship brochure with a friend's and my face plastered on it. After Calculus, I went to search for the brochures and my heart jumped out of my chest (in a bad way) when I feasted my eyes on them, cringing big-time. I am utterly perplexed and bemused and don't know what to think of it except: Mayday! Mayday! Too huge! So now I have something to genuinely guffaw about when I actually need a laugh. Oy. Life stays hilarious sometimes.

Part 3: Today, I heard sad news/updates about my extended family living abroad. Then my mother showed me pictures of the two cutest people in my family living in the land down under and my distress shriveled up and died while joy proceeded to take its place. These two precious gems are proof enough that God can certainly work miracles in the family. Life will turn around.

The soon-to-be 4-year-old child model.

Executing the "Huh?" look.

Part 4: Lately, I have been confused about many confusing things and am now a superbly confused person. 'Tis the season to be confused, I say confusedly. Either that or I have finally lost my marbles. Although the latter seems to be the more accurate theory. But I can't tell since I am in a confused state at the moment. I think I just un-confused myself there. I hope life doesn't turn round and round and round and leave me confused again. Because I'll just surrender and go mental then. And...I think I just confused myself again. Double oy!


andre said...

hey dont worry :) the brochure looked good! :D you two are awesome.

Li anne`* said...

Hope that God will give a you a clear vision and you will be confused no longer! *hugs* and you look great on the brochure!!!Whooo!

elisa. said...

I like the picture! :D Very very nice & you wore the purple blouse plus *ehem* *ehem* watch. hehe ;P


Olivia NLC said...

1. why. do. you. have. so. many. of. those? xD the archuleta special ed i mean.

2. you look awesome in the brochure! really :D

Justine said...

Thanks guys!!! For the comments on the brochure. Hehe. I still think I look funny but thanks. =)

And Olivia, my mom bought ten! As (perfect) Christmas gifts to her friends. :D

atoi aziz said...

yeah,sure you guys look better in the brochure.oh my,i am so proud of both of you!

Anonymous said...

OH my... somebody's on the cover book xD.. cuz here

Justine said...

Atoi, haha, thank you! I really appreciate that. =)

Anonymous Cousin, haha, cover of the scholarship brochure. Didn't expect to get on it, too. :)