The Invaluable Things in Life

Note: Click to enlarge.

A mother's consent.

An insignificant confirmation email from the U.S. Air Force website.

Watching videos of the Thunderbirds.

Anticipating the arrival of the Sydney Symphony.

The immeasurable effort put in by a thoughtful friend.


Friends who unfailingly make me smile everyday and friends who listen and make me listen.

P/S: Please pardon my lack of creativity. The "piece of art" above had taken me quite a while to produce, as sad as that may sound.


Ikitron said...

hehehee mother's consent....bet u nvr saw that 1 coming :p

Dang USAF has such an awesome logo, imagine if u had a shirt with that logo emblazoned on any shirt of urs....ul be wearing that to college every day!! :p

I wanna gooooooooooooooooooo to SS!!!

yeap nice shirt have there....u shd really have thanked 'her' a lot....she stayed back at 12th floor until 5pm+ just to finish it off :p

andre said...

okay so you were saying sydney symphopny was comin!! sorry i din pay attention! :( but heck!!!!! i wanna go!!!! :D:D

Justine said...

Ikhsan, I definitely will wear that everyday if I had one!!!!! :P And yes, I am really thankful for the effort she invested in the awesome SpongeBob T-shirt. :D

Andre, me, too!!!!