Fond Times

Today was a day of sorts. I had only an hour of class since the last Chemistry lab class had ended last week. I didn't head home after my class ended at 10AM since it was a dear friend's 18th birthday. When everyone was finally done with their respective classes, we made a move to the mall to celebrate her birthday. It was an especially sweet time spent with a jolly bunch of friends. 'Twas a spectacular day because I had never seen anyone smile unceasingly from the start of the day right until the very end of it. And the intensity of the birthday girl's smile today could have powered up the whole nation for a whole day, at least.

After the birthday lunch and a bit of loittering around the mall, we returned to college to help out with the props for the Halloween Party which is around the corner. I discovered what a laborious task it is to create a zombie/dracula/corpse made entirely out of newspapers. And I discovered how exceedingly fun it is to toil over a life-sized paper-made dracula while a group of people are taking pictures a few feet away with the other finished zombie/dracula/corpse. That, combined with the fact that there had been more than three cameras during the birthday lunch have made my hatred for cameras increase yet another notch. Oy. But I will get over it.

When I finally got back home in the evening, I was feeling so pathetic that I decided to join my father for gym since it has been an eternity or two since I had last stepped foot into the gym. Walking on the treadmill, as I have discovered a long time ago, helps me alleviate any stress or infuriation/frustration/irritation/all-three my lame mind is dealing with. So it felt really good doing that while listening to good music on the iPod.

I came home from gym feeling incredibly refreshed and invigorated. Then I argued with a friend via text that it would be a disastrous idea for me to dress up as a tooth fairy (with a tutu) for Halloween since I want to strangle my tooth fairy, not dress up as her. Then we proceeded into our second argument about me dressing up as an angel because...well, it just wouldn't fit. So then I contemplated about not going -unless I get a set of uniform from any air force, like this, this and this- and still am contemplating about not going just to spare a few million of my brain cells from dying no thanks to Halloween costumes.

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