Yesterday's Tomorrow

Today, I felt a new kind of happiness; the kind you get when you are touched beyond words and only almost cry happy tears but not really because your tear ducts are perpetually dry, only I hadn't felt that before until today.

Today, I spent three-quarters of the day with the people I cherish and the other one-quarter of the day thanking God and feeling blessed; too blessed, perhaps.

Today, I came to realize -but not for the first time- that growing up can sometimes be a real pain but it is simply a part of life, and there is nothing I can do about it except forge ahead with faith.

Today, I sat for the TOEFL examination and spoke very incoherently in the Speaking Section. But I didn't fret about it because I came to terms and am at peace with my level of suckitude.

Today, I was reminded that the thought always counts way more than the deed. But the deed is always greatly appreciated, too.

Today, I got bitten by mosquitoes while having dinner with my family at the Japanese restaurant.

Today, I turned eighteen. And ate awesome food.


Ikitron said...

You're tear ducts need fixing -.-

P.S: Attempt #1 on tear ducts....fail

azngeek said...

I'm sure you weren't as incoherent as you say you were :)

Olivia NLC said...

happy belated birthday!! sorry i didn't know T-T

andre said...

new word: suckitude. (Y) LOL i wonder how far can sarcasm go hehe. i was attempting my first (sad, frustrating) SAT essay, guess what sarcasm came out. hehe.

and no you dont suck -_-
btw you had UNAGI didnt you!!! :P

Justine said...

Ikhsan, someone else succeeded in that attempt! Haha. :P

Tim, nope, I'm pretty sure I WAS AS BAD AS I THOUGHT I WAS. :X

Olivia, no worries! Thank you!!! =)

Andre, that word isn't in the dictionary. Don't use it in the SATs!!! Hehe. No, I had chikin katsu don. Will alternate between unagi and tempura and what I ate. Haha. :D

Kiki said...

Happy Belated 8teen Birthday Justine =)

Justine said...

Thank you, Jo Lin!!! :D