I think this blog despises me now for abandoning it on a weekly-interval. Sorry, blog. As always, I shall narrate about the interesting and the not throughout the week so far. Prepare to be incredibly bored because boring people out of their minds is a skill I have honed and perfected over the years.

The You-don't-need-to-know Weekly News:
a) Walked into Calculus fifteen minutes late on Tuesday since the jam was unexpectedly massive. It was my first time not making it to a class in college on time and I am not proud of it. So hopefully it will be my last time, too.

b) Had a Physics test on Monday, then a Chemistry test on Wednesday. Got back the Chemistry test paper today and sat for a Calculus quiz right after that. College is fun. Though I was never a fan of fun to begin with.

c) Since my brother and I are of the same blood, I conclude that we share the same toothfairy; either that or both of our toothfairies are siblings, too. I say this because my brother went for a tooth surgery today to extract four wisdom teeth; two of which grew parallel to his gum instead of directly perpendicular like how every other normal tooth is. All four of the teeth are at all four ends of his mouth. So it is a wonder how he is able to talk comfortably a few hours after the surgery. It had taken two hours and costed a few hundred more than mine. Like me, he was terrified and didn't even want to go through with it if he had a choice. But alas, he had to walk into the same dental room under the same dim lights to the same chair of doom and have his teeth (and gum) operated by the same dentist. We should high five each other. Someday.

d) I ate dinner at 4.30PM one day. Then I had to scavenge for food in the house when midnight came. Oy.

e) On Wednesday, exactly the middle of the month of September, a birthday post was published at The Site. I am feeling very gratified and blessed. And a bit funny since I've never had people wish me a belated birthday before my birthday even arrived. I had tried my best to plead for the post to not be conceived, let alone published. My attempts were in vain. Double oy.

f) After edification and a whole lot of cracking up at CG tonight, a birthday cake was unleashed. I had wondered why this was being carried out so in advance when I was told that there wasn't going to be CG next Friday. There was only one candle on the cake so I had to blow it exactly eighteen times, with the candle being relighted eighteen times. Triple oy. There had also been about three cameras around -mine excluded- so it was nervewrecking and pleasant at the same time. Quadruple oy. It was meant to be a surprise, but my psychic ability always kicks in at the wrong time. The thought always counts more than the deed. Again, I feel blessed and thankful.

g) Today, my laptop contracted a virus. Brilliant.

h) Tomorrow, I will be catching a movie and just plain chilling out with my cousin sister and good friend at the mall. Perfect way to spend the weekend with the perfect people.

Stay tuned for more You-don't-need-to-know Weekly News: The News You Don't Need To Know, So Why Bother? next week.


Faiz said...

You always seem to make you're posts amusing and humorous at the same time. The Guru is multi-talented.

Oh and I can't wait for the next edition of the You-don't-need-to-know Weekly News: The News You Don't Need To Know. I'm a fan!


andre said...

oh the sarcasm :P
im a fan too! :)
btw, space more. its kinda crammed.

Justine said...

Thanks guys. Hehe. :P