...I witnessed the grandest and most epic surprise birthday party in college ever. It was definitely a treat being behind the scenes to help out for a bit and it was even more of a treat to be able to participate in the surprise. I am very sure the birthday girl appreciates her friend who was the mastermind behind all this beyond words.

...I shopped for the first time with a friend since we arrived at the mall a little too late for the movie we had planned to watch. It was surprisingly fun and not dreary like I thought it would be because the friend had made the perfect company.

...I led Praise and Worship (P&W) session during CG for the first time tonight. I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach all day but was blessed with encouraging friends. When it was actually time for me to lead, I surrendered it into God's Hands and He took over. This will definitely not be the first and last time for me because there is nothing more rewarding than praising God.

...I completely lost my cool thanks to an unfortunate incident foolishly caused by an irresponsible dude. There are definitely more acerbic words out there to describe this particular dude but I will not go there because I am cool/chilled/calm/don't-feel-like-injuring-someone now. Or at least, for now.

...I read. A storybook. It felt really good because I had missed reading and still do.


Ikitron said...

Good job with the CG thing ;)

andre said...

s'been a packed day huh :D

Faiz said...


Justine said...

Ikhsan, thank you!

Andre, indeed!

Faiz, :D