To Be Disregarded

The last time I had blogged had been exactly one week ago. I think the blogger in me has resigned from blogging duties...until now, that is. And this is a numbered post because the blogger in me has run out of blogging juices at the moment.

1. Last weekend, I took an insanely long time to complete the Calculus homework given but felt insanely great when I had completed it because the workings were just incredulously tedious.

2. Not for the first time, I wanted to punch a dude in the face. And for the first time ever, I wanted to punch two dudes in the face in the time span of one week. Unfortunately, I could only do it in my head. But I don't want to punch them anymore now because I wouldn't want to be punched in the face either.

3. Thanks to the undying habit of procrastination, my groupmates and I had to have a group discussion via text-messaging by sending bulk messages each time since half of us weren't by the computer the other day. Amazingly, we managed to get the report done before it was due the next day. I am predicting that this is just the beginning of many more last-minute work. This T-shirt says it all for me.
"I wish procrastination was a marketable skill."

4. I had tried using three alarm clocks for the first time to get out of bed on Tuesday morning. I acquired a new skill that day: Snoozing all three alarm clocks simultaneously. I ended up oversleeping anyway. Ever since then, I've been setting three alarm clocks to wake up every morning in the hopes that I would be able to get up on time for once. But lo and behold, I oversleep each day without fail.

5. I got a new SIM card under a different mobile service for the sake of redeeming a concert pass. For a short while, I wondered what had gotten into me when a few other friends also did the same thing. Then I wondered what had gotten into all of us. Then again, the concert is definitely going to be a blast because the band is fantastically awesome at live performances.

6. On September 8th, my awesome cousin sister gloriously turned 18. On that same day, an equally awesome fansite magnificently turned 1. It was a memorable day.
A little something something.

7. On September 9th, I attended a dearly missed high school friend’s 18th birthday party. Like with every other high schoolmate, it has been too long since we've last met and caught up with each other. She looked stunning that night and was hands-down the most beautiful person in the house/under the canopy. Unfortunately, I had to leave early that night since I had to get a lab report (See #3) and the Calculus homework done before the next day.

8. Last night, my mother helped me dial a number in the United States (New York) to rectify a pesky problem I am having with my TOEFL registration. The woman I had spoken to was so professional in speech that I had stuttered 80% of the time. Oy. It is also a bit strange to know that it is AM (yesterday) all the way there while it is PM (today) over here.

9. While I was in Chemistry on Friday, the Chemistry lecturer commented on the fact that I was donning a skirt that day. Paraphrased and compacted, her words had been, "Justine. You know, you are not lady-like at all when you are in a skirt. And I rarely see you wearing skirts...so what's the occasion? Is it someone's birthday?" I had been very tempted to reply, "I ran out of pants," but didn't because I was laughing and cringing at the same time. Double oy.

10. On a random note, it is actually possible to get invited to a grand event like the Video Music Awards in New York by an actual rockstar. I would jump like a mad woman if I wasn't living at this side of the globe. Not that I'm complaining.
Go figure.

11. A few tests which were supposed to be done with this week got postponed to next week. The pressure has already set in. I realized several days ago that the Beast of College has already begun its quest to suck the life out of me, slowly but surely. I am now working on a weapon to unleash on it when the time comes. (P/S: Said weapon is a mental weapon, not a physical one. Sadly.)

12. I don't know when it was that I lost sight of what really matters in life. And I don't know when it was that I got obsessed with perfecting each little thing. And I don't know when it was that I turned out the way I am now. And I don't know when it was that I became so insanely annoying and whiny and ungrateful and pathetic and silly. I have issues now thanks to the Beast of College. But not for long (hopefully) because the weapon is about to be brandished soon enough. Unless the weapon fails to function as it is programmed to. In which case, I can only say, "Oh boy."

13. Lately, there have been many things discouraging me with each passing day. But God is always good. And so, there are also many things encouraging me with each passing day. So I am going to stop fretting right about now.

Completed unrelated to any of the above. Just can't help agreeing with the sentiment.

Everyday of my life was recorded in Your book. -Hillsong Kids


Ikitron said...

Finally -.-

And whos that other dude you wanna punch in the face? :p

andre said...

haha yeah! who's the second dude?

Be strong Justine! Tame the wild soul of the Beast! :)

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." (Phillipians 3.18)
-always my part of my drive to strive :D

Ikitron said...

oh wait I remember -.-

Justine said...

The second dude happens to be the insolent patronizing dude at Carl's Junior. :D

Hehe, Andre, thank you. That's one of the many encouraging things I mentioned. Appreciate it very much. *hugs*

andre said...

punch him lah. :P

elisa. said...

JUSTINE! XD de an chua?

Justine said...

Andre, hahahaha, would love to! :P

ELISA! Si liao la! :D