Feeble Attempt

(Note: This is one of my many ridiculous attempts to blog with pictures.)

On Friday night, as mentioned in the post before this, my CG-mates got me a cake very much in advance. I was made to blow the single candle on it eighteen times. It was definitely a first. Thanks guys. For the cake and for not slamming my face into the cake.
1 x 18 = 18

On Saturday morning before I left to meet up with my cousin sister and friend, my mother gave me an unexpected birthday gift -way in advance, too. Thanks mom. For the completely un-girlish and very Justine-ish bag.
Yeah man.

I had a fantastic time at the mall with amazing company. We had laughed so unbelievably much in the theater and at the bookstore that we were exhausted from laughing by the end of the day. Thanks guys. For a blast and simply for just being there.
Riding the train home.

On Sunday, I spent a whole lot of time downloading/updating the programs in my laptop after scanning it and making sure it was virus-free. I also downloaded a few nifty gadgets for the Vista sidebar and am now using Google Chrome; which looks very pretty, in my opinion, thanks to the many themes available. But since every cloud has a silver lining, the converse somehow seems to be true when my laptop froze last night. When I had turned it back on, every single song in my iTunes library was No More. I would mourn if this happened to me for the first time. But it didn't because this happens to be the second time this year. (And I didn't mourn the first time around.) After the shock wore off five seconds later, I immediately saved all recent documents into two separate thumbdrives for fear that something more tragic than losing all the songs in the library may ensue. My desktop looks much neater now compared to the forest of icons it used to be.

Today, my mother and I ate a cake made entirely out of jelly and shaped like an adorable teddy bear. The picture/collage below shows how the Annihilation of the Jellybear went. (P/S: The following is my first time trying my hand at photo-editing. So please pardon the utter hideousness. Just focus on thecuteness of the bear.)
We spare no mercy.


andre said...

FINALLY SOMEONE'S USING GOOGLE CHROME! lol when i tell everyone was like huh whats that? hehe. Happy birthday in advance and will wish you on the day itself as well! HAHA :P

God bless you.

andre said...

btw (haha sorry to spam comments)the photo's good! :)

Justine said...

Andre, TAKE THAT BACK!!! :X Don't wish me so early... I feel bad. :( And yes, Google Chrome rocks!!! =) And thanks for the overly nice words on the photo. Hehe. Wasted so much time doing that simple thing. Adui. :)