Best Days

Yesterday was a positively superb day. An adult friend who happened to be in the neighborhood with her family texted me before my alarm clock rang and asked if she could drop by. I was as excited as a little kid as I jumped out of bed and showered. She arrived several minutes later with her two little lovelies (as I like to call them); a soon-to-be three-year-old and a just-turned five-year-old. The last few times I had met the both of them, it had taken quite a while for them to warm up to me and shake off their bashfulness. But not this time. The minute they entered the house, they began talking and talking and never stopped. And that alone would've already made my day but their mommy made them wish me happy birthday and then serenade me with the birthday song (individually). Then that absolutely made my day. Before they left, the two-and-three-quarters-year-old shook hands with my father and asked where my mother was. She was sleeping. And so was my brother.

After they left, I drove to pick up my best friend -with my father riding shotgun, of course- and headed to the mall. We had almost two hours to kill before the movie began. We decided to have lunch since the both of us hadn't eaten yet and it was also the perfect way to catch up with each other. When both of us were back home, the friend received incredible news that she had gotten accepted into a top university in Australia -the same university I was supposed to go to if Plan B hadn't been thwarted at the last minute. I am very happy for her. Very. The day started off brilliantly and ended brilliantly as well.

Today was the last day of the Raya holidays. I got up in the afternoon and went for lunch with my mother. When I got back, I revised for the TOEFL examination this Saturday until I stopped, naturally. Night came and there was another surprise visit from my brother's ex-lady friend. It had been too long since I had last spoken to her so it felt really great chatting with her albeit it was for a short while. And now I am going to end the day by sleeping early since it is more than an hour before midnight.

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