Wishing Upon a Tooth Fairy

Today was yet another eventful day as it was the second day of the workshop. The facilitators imparted a ton of wise guidance today on a whole bunch of necessary documents as well as procedures during the university application process. The one session throughout the workshop today which I had particularly enjoyed was the oration on the dos and don'ts when writing university essays by a bitingly sarcastic Singaporean Resident Counselor. He was so brutally honest and unintentionally indifferent that every single statement which flew out of his mouth would actually make really stellar quotes. When I left the workshop an hour earlier with a friend, we contemplated on the necessity of sitting for the SAT even though we would be international transfer students in America. And so we contemplated. And contemplated. And contemplated. And reached no definite decision. Yet.

In other interesting news, before my parents and I had left for dinner tonight, we had a little row because I had wanted to drive so badly while they still couldn't trust me. Yet. Finally, I was given the green light to drive with them in the car but as we left the house and I started to get into the driver's seat, I realized I had forgotten to bring my driver's license along. Then my mother shook her head and made like she wanted to take over before she realized she had forgotten to bring her driver's license along, too. So my father finally drove us to dinner. Interesting, no?

And in other fantastic news, the impending tooth surgery will be conducted tomorrow. I was just wondering about the extent of the excruciating pain my teeth and gum would have to endure after everything they have been through so far when I realized that the one thing that was going to fill in the void once the ingrown tooth has been removed is blood, blood, blood and more blood. When the thought had first hit me with a painful smack, I begged my mother to postpone the appointment to the next semester break (Read: next lifetime). But she had no mercy this time. So apart from having my gum sliced open and then stitched back (for the second time in my adolescence), I will also be having the privilege to taste, swallow and gurgle blood firsthand. Fantastic, no? I, for one, choose a less painful death.

P/S: I fear that I am slowly approaching the age of rebellion. Oy.


drey said...

GORE I tell you! Hhahaha! Chill! David is there for ya! =P

Justine said...

Heheh, trying to. :) Thanks.

sam said...

hey the driving part is so funny. haha. and ALL THE BEST to u yeah for the surgery. Finally the day is arriving and dont worry u'll be fine dont worry yeah. cheers!!!!

Justine said...

Hehe, thank you!!! =) Yeah, can't believe how fast time flies! From the day my mother booked the appointment...until now. And it's here already. Aiyaya. Hehe. Thanks again! ;)

Faiz said...

Haha. The driving part was pretty funny. How come you don't carry your license? And good luck for the surgery. Like I told you before, it'll be a painless and hassle-free opp. Hope you will be fine.

Justine said...

I accidentally left my purse at home, that's why. Haha. And thanks, Faiz. =)