The Weekly Post

On Saturday, I woke up after fourteen insane hours of sleep. At night, I had dinner with my family and extended family at this restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It was definitely an interesting night as there had been performances onstage (that had haunted us) as we ate at the place.

On Sunday, I woke up to the shrill cries of a cat right outside my room window. Sometime in the afternoon, I attended a Calculus tuition for the first time which may be the last time because the tutor had broken down the formulas into simpler forms that he completely lost me. Oy.

On Monday, I had a root beer float. It was heavenly.

On Tuesday, my cousin sister came down to my college since I only had one class and ended at 10AM. Our agenda for the day was to s-h-o-p at the mall for the first time without our parents around. And boy did we execute the mission. Although it was very uncharacteristic of me, I tried on about ten blouses/shirts/T-shirts/tops/whatever-it's-called in total and ended up purchasing two blouses, a bracelet and an anklet. Heh. A collegemate had also joined us and was bored out of his wits but remained more patient than I could ever be. The company was amazing and I had a lot of laughs; probably the most fun I have ever had in a really long time. I also had a root beer float. And a chocolate-and-lemon beverage aptly called Tweety Bird. Huh.

Today, I went to the same mall I had gone to yesterday to hang out with another cousin sister and a friend who had returned from abroad for the holidays. She had brought along a long-awaited gift for me. It is the greatest early Christmas present I have ever received.

Tomorrow, I have a four-hour break in college before my Physics lab class.

On Friday, I have a four-hour break in college before my Chemistry lab class.

On Saturday, I will be going to the same mall yet again for the third time this week to catch a movie with a bunch of friends who has spectacular taste in music.

On Sunday, I will be dreading next week.

In exactly a month's time, I will be sitting for the TOEFL examination. Aiyaya.


Faiz said...

Quite a summary you have here.

andre said...

edit: ur 3rd rootbeer float today :D

Justine said...

Faiz, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Haha. :S

Andre, yesss!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Woi I wasn't bored laaaa -_-

Thou I have to admit....

Highlight of the day: Gasoline :p

......and of corse that sweet lil kid u failed to mention :p

Justine said...

Dear Anonymous, (like it is very difficult for people to figure out who you are. Hahahaha. OKOK, just kidding.) I agree!!! Gasoline was the ultimate highlight! Hahah!!! Laughed until my sides ached. You know we both are never gonna let you live it down right? Your cekap answers, I mean. :D

And you remembered the little girl? Haha. Yes, very sweet and adorable kid. It was the first time a kid had actually wanted to get within a 1m-radius of me, to be honest. -.-

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.Justine

Dat cousin of urs....whats her name again?? Elisa i think....yes...very 'dangerous n deadly' girl indeed -_-

And I think ur blog is ultimately stupendous!! good job good job.....uhm liking what i see ;) Thou change the header please -.-


Justine said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous, yes, you got the name correct. :P And you would agree now that still water runs deep, no? Haha.

And thanks for the compliment on my blog though I seem to think otherwise about it. Haha. But thanks. Appreciate it. =) The header? I have no clue what to change it to except back to the plain header it used to be. We'll see. :D

Regards, Ms. Justine. Hahahahah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.Justine,

Oh u having problems figuring out what header to put instead???

Hmmm...just a random thought...y not put a pic of that person errr.....I forgot his name -_-........errr owh darn it all I know is that his name starts with 'D'?

Or instead u can put a pic of that sweet lil cousin of urs :p

I'm sure there are much better pics u can put on ur header other than a sponge and a starfish -.-


P.S I'm the best undercover agent there is.....its ok soon enough ul discover my identity ;) *pats

Justine said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous, you are absolutely correct. You are the BEST undercover agent around...because it is still IMPOSSIBLE for anyone reading to figure out who you could possibly be. It's just THAT HARD. :S

And a header with a sponge and a starfish is an awesome header. :P I don't wanna put people as the header...just doesn't seem appropriate for my blog. :( But thanks for the suggestion. Will think of something to replace it with but only IF I can just figure out who Mr. Anonymous is. Aiyaya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Justine

Yes indeed I do my job very well. So far no one has caught me in the act....I am just THAT good.

*Hint: i go to the same college as u


Justine said...

Mr. Anonymous, hmm...I STILL don't know who you are! :S More hints please!!! :( I think I'm gonna give up soon. Hence, no change of header. :D

Ikitron said...

wahlao seriously Mr.Anonymous needs a life -.-

n btw great post justine ;)

Justine said...

Ikhsan, AGREED!!! And thanks. =)