Two Great Women

I have actually written the following two months ago after being inspired by a friend's dedication post but just never found the perfect time to post it. And after talking to a few collegemates recently about how the strings of life can sometimes break easily or remain eternally bound, I suddenly feel the need to post the following about the two truly amazing people who have made my teenage life complete: my best friend and my cousin sister. Hopefully, I will be able to dedicate a post every now and then to the people who have mattered and still matter to me before the strings are completely cut off. (It would be wise to stop reading right about now and disregard the following to avoid yawning yourself to death.)

, I am no longer afraid to admit that you are my best friend now…and always have been since the beginning. It is truly amazing to know that we have been friends for 13 years now. And counting. I trust that we will remain good friends, despite any given circumstances, until we hit a ripe old age (hopefully) when our memory begins to fail us (hopefully not). You are such an incredible person and I only wish that you could see yourself the way I see you. You are beautiful both on the inside and outside and I am eternally grateful to have your trust, faith, love, understanding and above all, friendship. I appreciate all those times when you’ve been there to hear me out, encouraged me and kept me spiritually and mentally strong. You wrote to me once that you were subconsciously doing something that wasn’t right and asked for my forgiveness. I don’t need to give it because you have it. And I, in turn, owe you many apologies for not being at least half the good friend you have been to me.

Usually, a friendship between two people works this way: One gives, while the other receives. It goes without saying that you have always been the giver, and I the receiver. Thank you for being with me every step of the way; even before we first stepped into school. Thank you for being one of my sources of strength during the low times in my life as well as my personal cheerleader during the high times in my life. I know half of the achievements I had obtained in high school belong to you, too. I pray that we never lose touch of each other and will continue to be in each other’s lives through adolescence (now), adulthood (next) and old age (later). I am always here for you and am forever ready to be your confidant. Praise our Father in Heaven for you in my life, and the lives of people around you. I am the blessed one in this friendship. Thanks, Ame. You are my sister in Christ.

Elisa, my phenomenal two-in-one: family and friend. I almost, I repeat, almost feel like this thank-you is unnecessary because I have a strong hunch that you know exactly every word I am about to say. But you are one of the rare gems in my life, and you wholly deserve this. Where do I even begin? We came into this world just several days apart and have traversed this journey of life together ever since. And to think, we are now only halfway done. Though we were never in the same institution and social circle, we never left each other out with how our lives were doing every now and then. I appreciate every single conversation we have had and I thank you for being my emotional support, though I know I don’t seem to have much emotions, except those infrequent outbursts you are probably accustomed to now.

Thank you for being the brain while I was the foot (Read: brainless) in my dilemmas and helping me make prudent decisions all this while. I know what we have goes beyond mere friendship and I never fear that we might drift apart because you matter more than you may know to me. You know all my deepest secrets, both the dark ones and the bright ones. Ha-ha. And I trust you with them. I have grown to be who I am today with you by my side and it comforts me to know that we will always be there for each other with each phase we are stepping into in life. I want you to know that you meant and still mean a whole lot to me; even when I was an anger-raging little girl, a timid-looking big girl and now an insanely-pathetic young adult. You will always have my trust, help, faith and support, whenever and wherever you need them. My gratitude to Him for you in my life cannot be conveyed in words. Thank you, precious cousin. I owe you big-time. (P/S: And here’s a cheesy analogy just for you: If cousins were autobiography books, I’d pick you and give it the Pulitzer Prize…if I had the means to. Err…OK. Scratch that.)


andre said...

why link me lar? D: my old blog sux. heh. great tribute! :D

Ikitron said...

You're sisters for life ;)

live free.....go out there and write your own chapters of life....all three of you together...u guys make a great team ;)

Justine said...

Andre, THAT post didn't suck in the least bit. =) And thanks. Hehe. Your post had been the inspiration behind this post. :D

Ikhsan, and you both are brothers for life. :) And we will. Write chapters of our lives, that is. We already are. Hehe. And you do the same, too. Thank you! :P

Faiz said...

"even when I was an anger-raging little girl, a timid-looking big girl and now an insanely-pathetic young adult."


Why is it that EVERYONE is doing this?
Sounds like an eulogy of some sort!
Bt anyhow, great post.

ps// makes me think of my friend who is currently on his way to Michigan as we speak.
Gosh sad day la.
Happy for him though.

Justine said...

It is NOT an eulogy!!! *whacks with a fish* Haha. Just a dedication. Felt like thanking them so I did; before I never get to. :P And thank you. :) Keep in contact with your friend!