Shoot Me

Yesterday was a splendid day. I had my third root beer float of the week and absolutely delectable egg tarts. The college had also rang me up sometime yesterday and the following (paraphrased) conversation had ensued:

Pathetic Justine: Hello?
Caller: Hi, is this Y** J*** J*?
Curious Justine: Yes.
Caller: This is Christopher calling from Taylor's College. I understand that you are a recipient of the National Scholarship. Is that correct?
Even More Curious Justine: Yes.
Caller: OK. We are working on the new college brochure for the scholarship next year. So you have been selected to do a photoshoot tomorrow. Are you interested?
Petrified albeit Astonished Justine: No...
Caller: No?!?!
Still Petrified Justine: Uh, how many people are selected for the photoshoot? All the recipients?
Caller: No. About ten.
Thoughtful Justine: Ah...I see.
Caller: So are you able to come to the Student Central tomorrow at 9.30AM?
Thoughtless Justine: Nope. I have a class then.
Caller: What time does it end?
Resigned Justine: 10AM.
Caller: OK. Come at 10AM then. Here's my number, just in case you can't make it. 01* - *******.
Forgetful Justine: OK. Thank you. And your name is?
Caller: Uh...Chris.
Embarrassed Justine: Oh, yes! Christopher. You mentioned earlier. Sorry!
Caller: It's alright. So see you tomorrow. Bye.
Fearful Justine: Thanks! Bye!

I was both shocked and internally reeling during the call because it was such an unpleasant surprise. After hanging up, my first thought was to ditch the thing. But a friend talked me into doing it. And so yesterday's tomorrow came.

I woke up this morning and immediately thought of what to wear; and how fantastic (albeit impossible) it would be to skip college today and sleep in while it rained. I had initially thought of wearing a skirt and a blouse which I had in mind but I had lab class today so the skirt was forbidden; and the blouse I had in mind was in the washing machine. And I don't like skirts. And blouses. After killing a trillion brain cells or two, I decided to wear a pair of jeans and the new blouse I had purchased while shopping with my cousin sister and friend-who-was-bored-beyond-words a few days ago. If there's one thing I hate thinking about, it's what to wear; among many other things. So I was immensely relieved when I finally decided on what to wear, even though it was really simple and what most people wear on non-occasions; like maybe to McDonald's, or just the drive-through. And I realize that this whole paragraph is just proof of how much I suck.

Moving on from that cringe-worthy moment, I headed to the Student Central after Calculus with a friend who was also culled for the photoshoot. The both of us had assumed that the photoshoot was just to narrow down the ten students to maybe three students. So we didn't have any hopes. Only the dude who briefed us on how to write the testimonial had made it seem like it was an official photoshoot. Huh. My best friend met up with us there and waited as the photoshoot took place.

The photographer was an extremely cool dude. He took pictures of the friend who was with me first and then he came to me. He made me stand by the glass windows and started snapping away. I was frozen in place and just stood straight without moving an inch. Then he asked me to cross my arms, loosen up and pose a bit. Oh man. Being in front of the camera was already such a feat. So being asked to pose in front of the camera was an even greater feat. I smiled so hard my jaws began to ache. But I did my best though I think I sucked. What's new. When the both of us were done with our individual photoshoots, he took buddy shots of us...which was the highlight of the photoshoot, in my opinion. He wanted us to do funny faces and poke fun at each other but I think we were both too tensed up to even attempt doing that. So we just ended up taking ordinary but treasured buddy shots. The photographer had also asked my best friend who was waiting there to join in one of the buddy shots and even took a couple of individual pictures of her even though she wasn't selected because she was gorgeous, truly. And I say that without a hint of sarcasm. Heh.

After the photoshoot, I went to eat with my best friend until it was time for her to get back to class. Then I spent an hour doing homework. Then I had to cancel a plan to meet up with another ex-schoolmate today because the timing didn't fit. Then I caught up with another collegemate over a drink. Then I went for the Chemistry lab class. Then I came home. Then I ate. Then I drank tea. Then I posted this.

Today was highly interesting.


Anonymous said...

Someone just about to launch their career in the world of modelling :p

P.S: I did NOT feel boredddd lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! -__-

Justine said...

Hah! That will NEVER happen in my lifetime. -.- And yes, you did feel bored. You're just in denial. =)

Faiz said...

Like this post!

Kiki said...

Haha! You got the potential to be a freelance model~~