Saturday Night Fever

MTV World Stage will forever remain an epic experience. And this is why:

On the day of the event, or yesterday, a few (school and college) friends and I met up at the hotel lobby the stars were putting up in and we bumped into the band Raygun and frontman Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects. All of them were really cool dudes even though security was pretty tight. I think I was the least starstruck amongst the few of us since my teenage life mission had already been completed back in April this year. After snapping out of the slight daze we were in, we made our way to the mall to meet up with other friends from college.

We entered the pseudo-surf beach/man-made pool two hours after the gates were opened. Fifteen thousand people were estimated to be present at the event but it had seemed like only five thousand people were there an hour before the show commenced. More people began to stream in until the place was jam-packed as it rained for a short while. It was an outdoor event but we weren't completely drenched (just yet) since we were given disposable raincoats. When we were all finally grey-haired, the show kicked off. It wasn't too long before the crowd went insanely wild and started jumping like nuts. I lost my grip in the first thirty minutes of the first act which was a Malaysian band and nearly fell backwards if I hadn't clutched onto some dude's arm. My bad.

The international acts which were slated to perform were Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, Hoobastank, All-American Rejects and Kasabian. And boy did they rock the stage. My personal favorites had been Raygun, Hoobastank and the All-American Rejects. I got separated from my friends in the middle of the show and went into complete crazed fan mode. We were all drenched from sweat and not the rain. The energy was just incredible to feed off of and I had the time of my life jumping, screaming, singing, dancing, woo-hoo-ing and rocking out without much care; as un-Justine as that may have sounded. The event was such an amazing feast and most of us were there gratis since the tickets weren't (officially) for sale at all. The 'Saturday Night Fever' is still very much kicking in full-swing and last night was definitely one for the books.

In other even more exciting news, the phenomenal artist who made my teenage life mission complete will be releasing a Christmas album in two months' time. And since I love Christmas, the voice of an angel and the one who owns said voice, I think I can die a happy woman soon.

P/S: Superb live-blogging of the whole MTV World Stage event here.

End of spazzing-out.


Anne said...

WOOT!i wish i cud have experience the fun but good to hear u had an amazing time!and CHRISTMAS ALBUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!its like last november all over again AH AH AHHHH!

Olivia NLC said...

hey i saw from your previous post- you need a locker?! you can use mine! :D it's super empty i feel sorry for it xD haha. seriously. but you have to make a spare key for yourself la. want or not! :P

Ikitron said...

Justine: jumping, screaming, singing, dancing, woo-hoo-ing and rocking out without much care; as un-Justine as that may have sounded..........

THAT would be the story of the year ROFL!!!

Kiki said...

You went! Haha!

Justine said...

Anne, yessssssss!!!!!! Ah good memories!!! Gotta prepare for some major spazzing out. Hehe. :P

Olivia, thanks so much!!! I owe you! Replied you over at your blog. =)

Ikhsan, everybody did the same thing. I wasn't the only one. So nothing to talk about lah...so subject closed, OK? OK!!! Good! *pats* :D :D :D

Kiki, I did!!! Haha. Did you? It was a fantastic experience!!! :)