Pain Like No Other

Today didn't turn out to be sucky. It turned out to be hellish. A combination of the five years of dental pain I had gone through back in high school couldn't compare to the ninety minutes of dental torment I underwent this afternoon. Thanks to the unexpectedly huge size of the ingrown tooth, the dentist had to extract it in four broken pieces. And the agony I had felt during those four moments had no precedent. My gum had to be injected about fourteen times throughout the surgery to (barely) numb the pain because it was that excruciating. Twice, I had thrashed and writhed in pain on the chair of doom. Twice, I went deaf and couldn't hear the heart-racing songs -bad idea- I had been listening to on my iPod. Twice, I stopped thinking. Twice, tears threatened to overflow but they couldn't because I was lying down on the chair of doom. So I came home and cried instead...for a total of three minutes since my naturally empty tear ducts didn't have many teardrops to spare. They are now drier.

When pieces of the monster tooth were finally out, the dentist began stitching my gum. I have about eight or more stitches on my gum currently and was given two types of painkillers -which is the best part of the whole procedure, really. I had to swallow salivated blood for two hours after the surgery and couldn't talk at all. My father had come home for a short ten minutes to check on me since my mother had gone out for a while and found me sprawled in front of the TV, lifeless and emotionless. The dentist cautioned that it is going to take me one month for the gum to be completely healed. And that I was going to have to eat soft foods during that one month. Because if it doesn't heal as it should, I am going to have to go for a nerve treatment inwhich a hole would have to be drilled in my gum. After today, I would fast for life if it meant I would never have to go through that kind of brutal pain again. OK, maybe not. But I am praying and hoping that my gum will heal in His time. I truly can't thank God enough for seeing me through this harrowing and unimaginable ordeal. And the people who have expressed their concern, especially my family -who, at first, hadn't a clue that the surgery wasn't as painless as they thought it would be. I am blessed. And glad that this is behind me. For now, at least.

In the meantime, I am going to have to smile less, talk less, complain (about food) less and sleep more. Brilliant. I am now traumatized for life.

The bloody tooth, literally.


drey said...

GORE =.=

Justine said...


atoiaziz said...

"like no other"
haha,i like the title.seriously,it crepy somtimes
oh dear, i tried tested comment on my own post.erm yes,i think there prob.maybe only me can comment.LOL.sorry ok.btw,thanks for viewing ya! :)

Justine said...

Haha, thanks. It IS creepy. :S

I think something is up with your word verification thing... I can't even verify it cos the space to fill in the CAPTCHA can't be seen. Something to do with your blog template, perhaps... Maybe if you remove that, comments by other people can be posted. Aiyaya.

Faiz said...

True that Andre!
Justine, I really hope you are doing better now.

Justine said...

Thanks. Hehe. I am, slowly but surely. :D

Olivia NLC said...

i second andre-- GORE! hope you're feeling better now (:

Justine said...

Hehe. Thanks. Doing much better now. :D Gonna take a while to heal though.