"Ohana" Means "Family"

Today was invaluable. I spent the first half of the day finishing a riveting book. And spent the second half of the day catching up with important people in my life. A best friend had come over for a while to use the laptop before we both left for the mall to meet up with our ex-Sunday School teacher. We arrived there an hour earlier than the stipulated time and was wondering what we could kill the time with when we bumped into a dearly missed ex-schoolmate. It has been exactly eight months since we had last seen each other so we caught up for a good thirty minutes over ice-cream before the friend had to leave. Then as the best friend and I loitered around the mall for the remaining thirty minutes, we bumped into two other ex-schoolmates. It felt really great seeing familiar faces at the mall; especially ones which put a smile on your face.

The time came for us to meet up with our ex-Sunday School teacher. It has been a while since the plan to meet up was conjured and finally came to fruition tonight. We spent two hours catching up with each other. Our teacher shared about her job and family woes while we in turn shared about our college and teenage woes. It was time spent really well because I have always loved the wise counsel and wisdom she imparts. As we were catching up with each other over fish and chips and salmon spaghetti, I start to mull over the idea of parenting. Parenting is probably the most difficult job out there and yet no parent gets paid for the challenging job. Funnily enough though, it is probably the most rewarding job anyone could ever have the privilege of delving into.

I am going to turn eighteen soon and have yet to crash a car, run away from home, burn money on extreme shopping, slam the door in someone's face, cursed a family member and hit someone. These may make me seem like I have been a good daughter but they are just flagrant acts. Because truth be told, I haven't been a good daughter. Not really. I know I have caused my parents much heartache and trouble ever since I came into this world and I may not even realize it at times. I know I have sometimes taken them for granted just like how I sometimes take everything else around me for granted. I also know that regardless of what I've done and may continue to do, they love me no less. And that's the amazing thing about family. I'd like to believe that my parents have raised me well because I have the greatest parents in the world -just like you have the greatest parents in the world. Both my parents aren't quite like each other. And so they trust me in different ways. And that trust means the world to me.

Whoever I turn out to be in the future, I say with conviction that both my parents get the grade SDHD (Super Duper High Distinction) in the subject of Parenting 101. Nay, they would even probably be billionaires now if they were paid for the job. And I can only hope to follow in their footsteps in time to come. I know God has placed many angels in my life since I had taken the first breath of life. And the three distinct angels in my life who I know for sure? My father, mother and brother.


Ikitron said...

Good job...im sure ur parents wud b proud too....ur d best thing dats ever happened to them ;)

Faiz said...

Aww, this is so sweet. Tribute to your parents. Nice of you. I love my parents too!

sam said...

yay SDHD!!!! yeah wonderful post hehe. funny and touching. and Im sure they are very proud of u too!

Justine said...

Ikhsan, Faiz and Sam, thank you so much for the OVERLY KIND words. They really mean more to me than you would know. Cheers to FABULOUS PARENTS! Hehehe. =)