New Leaf

After feverishly checking the student portal for the past few days, next semester's timetable was finally uploaded this morning. I was so relieved to see my timetable up at the page that it is now my desktop background. Since I will be taking a killer combination of subjects next semester -CHEM106, PHYS211, MATH172 and PSYC201- I had the sneaking suspicion that certain lectures or lab classes would clash with each other. Today, my fears were laid to rest. Because not only is my schedule thankfully brilliant, it is also exactly similar to three other good friends'. Sweet. Hopefully nothing changes once the semester begins though.

I say for the 78253rd time, time seems to move at the speed of light. One month of summer holidays is drawing to a close and the third semester of college commences next week. I am very much looking forward to it despite having to surmount academic meltdown-cum-suicide as the semester proceeds. Each semester somehow marks a new beginning for me, be it one different from the last or not. And though there are many reasons for me to dread going back to college, I cannot really see them. Instead, I am very stoked to be semi-productive and toiling under my desk lamp once again. I am also pretty sure I'd want to recant the last half of this paragraph once I am three weeks into the third semester. But I am going to be content for now.


andre said...

Too many vocabs D:

stoked:exhilarated; excited

toil:to engage in hard and continuous work

recant:to withdraw or disavow

Haha you should have no problem for SAT =)

Evelyn Seng AKA Fish said...

HEY! Thanks for visiting my blog yeah =)

And heck, u are so darn true about the time flying pass us like it doesnt gv a damn thing. Haha. Not that I mind. But, it relli kills wen its applied to assignments' deadlines *headdesk* Niways, Good luck for ur next sem ya! =)

PS: Andre is ryte XD

Faiz said...

Hehe yes true what Andre said.

And nice to know you love your schedule.
Perhaps I'm gonna just not going to theatre on Monday, go to physics and then perhaps add/drop my courses.

jwhue said...

Theoretically speaking, time is affected by the speed of light, you see, when you go close to celeritas, time dilates....

Anyway, congratulations on getting a clash free timetable, I gotta go to the office and move some subjects around and maybe add one. Which sounds cooler, American Government or Psychology?

sam said...

Yay Andre, agree with u!!!! haha. and thanks for giving me the definitions of the words haha. no need to use online dictionary now haha.
Yay Justine, yeah really hope that there's not much changes in the schedule hehe. see u guys soon.

Justine said...

Andre, aiyaya, sorry. :'(

Evelyn, hey, thanks for stopping by, too! How've you been? Hehe. And thanks. =) All the best to you as well! With assignments and deadlines. I'm gonna face that soon enough. -.- Haha.

Faiz, yep, do that! Don't forget to attend Microeconomics class on Monday, too. :D

Hue, oy, too technical... :S Haha. Thanks. It's a relief to have a clash-free timetable. I know the program office will be swarmed with students in the first few days. :X Haha. I would think Psychology sounds cooler. Not sure which is actually the cooler subject though. :P

Sam, oi oi oi. -.- Hehe. See you soon!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! :D

P/S: What are you guys agreeing with Andre for??? Hmph. Apologies. :(

andre said...

=P BLEKS! Hahaha we're (Read: I'm) jealous of your vocabulary :]

Justine said...

*killer combination of zap, smack, kick, whack, box, slap, punch, book and fish*