Mad Math

Today, I took two and a half hours to complete four Chemistry questions which involve calculation. There weren't even sub-questions. Just (insanely long and informative) question after question. I suppose taking a minimum of thirty minutes to complete a question is a norm when it comes to college homework/assignments. It's either that or my piteous and non-existent brilliance is declining. Still, I now enjoy everyday more than anything since I can't imagine waking up each day to just live through the day without doing anything productive just like how it had been during the last semester break. Of course, the stress that is slowly accumulating is gonna make me regret saying what I just did. But I am still learning to manage my time a bit better and break the habit of procrastination. So far, I don't fail that badly at both of it, just semi-badly. Hopefully, there will be at least 1% of progress by the end of the semester.


Ikitron said...


andre said...

God bless! Hope I can help! =)

Justine said...

Ikhsan, what were you doing up at 4 in the morning??? Besides virtually patting me, that is. -.-

Andre, God bless you, too! You are always a GREAT help to me and I appreciate it very much. Thank you. =)