The Little Things

What has happened since the first day of college on Monday; which I regard as 'things':

Thing 1 - On Monday, I visited the dentist to remove the stitches on my gum. I can now smile without worrying (much). Sitting on the chair of doom had brought back unpleasant memories. And being told that I may need another minor surgery to remove the blood clotted by slitting my gum open just about slayed me on that chair of doom. My tooth fairy is going to go down.

Thing 2 - On Tuesday, I went for my first Psychology class which turned out to be my last since I have chosen to drop the course for this semester as I struggle to juggle -didn't make that rhyme on purpose- with three t-u-p-h sciences. I have the most interest in the subject though, and am most definitely going to be taking it either next semester or the semester after next. Or the one after that.

Thing 3 - On Tuesday, I posted the ad up for the list of secondhand textbooks I was selling at the board with a trillion other textbook ads. By midday, all my books were sold. The ad is still up there on the board...since I am also helping a friend or two to get rid of their now-obsolete textbooks. I learned that I make a really terrible businesswoman; if what I'm doing even qualifies as 'business'.

Thing 4 - On Tuesday, I had to carry seven madly light textbooks -two Physics, two Psychology, one Chemistry, one Calculus, one TOEFL- back since two friends had asked me to help them get the textbooks at the bookstore while I had to bring five textbooks for fun. Fortunately, I only had to carry all seven of them for about 3.5 seconds before my arms gave way and I dropped them all on the bench just in time. Thankfully, I was later helped by a friend as well. The next day, I had to bring six of those and another two textbooks. But I am alive now because I had left two of the textbooks in a friend's car. Huh. I need a locker.

Thing 5 - On the way back home on Tuesday, a friend and I saw a turtle in the middle of the road. The friend backed up her car a bit to keep an eye on the turtle when a car drove past it and nearly went over it. While the friend screamed, "Nooooo!!!" through the glass door as it happened, I guffawed non-stop. It was a really incredulous situation. I hope the turtle is OK though.

Thing 6 - On Wednesday, a bunch of friends and I left for the mall to catch a superbly cool action movie after our last class ended. After the movie, two friends and I headed to another mall to watch the movie I had won four tickets to thanks to the call. My brother met up with us before the movie began. Then the movie began. And I immediately wished someone else had won the tickets instead of me. Because the movie was explicit to the core and there were a lot of blood and dismembered body parts...of both humans and aliens alike. Pfft.

Thing 7 - On Thursday, or today, I officially dropped my Psychology course and met up with the lecturer to explain the reason for my action and told her that I would most definitely be seeing her in her classes next year. I think she may have developed a grudge against me. But I don't really know. Oy.

Thing 8 - On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I wore a mask to college since my sore throat was accompanied by a fever on Monday and slowly developed into the flu on Tuesday which progressed into a cough on Wednesday. I had the whole desirable package up until this morning. I am not as sick anymore but I lost my voice today and squeaked through the day in college. Pshaw.

Thing 9 - On Friday, or tomorrow, I am going to eat fish.

Thing 10 - There's nothing much already, I guess.


Ikitron said...

lets go eat fish and PRAWNS =)

Kiki said...

Get well soon k? =)

Justine said...

Ikhsan, I l-o-v-e prawns!!! They REAL ones, that is. :P

Kiki, I will. Thank you. :)

sam said...

7 madly light textbooks? agree! haha.

Justine said...

Yalorh. Couldn't have been any lighter. -.-"

andre said...

prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns geeeezzzzzzzzzzzz. i really can't imagine throwing up in the cinema. lucky i had (a) strong esophaguses, i mean esophagus. Haha. =) Thanks for sharing the tickets! Had a super day! :]

Justine said...

Andre, we still love prawns, don't we? Haha. You're welcome! Glad you had a good time. =)