The Happiest Vampire in Existence

Note: The following post was written with 5% happiness, 5% pointlessness and 90% rage.

Today started off well. I woke up and began to file the papers strewn on the table in my room. Then I slowly organized the books and reading materials on the shelves. The workshop I had attended had emailed and asked the students who were in attendance to write a college essay as well as fifteen or more interesting and/or random facts about ourselves. I wrote two points about myself -which were about my teeth- and then couldn't continue after that. I had always known I was uninteresting. Only I hadn't known how uninteresting I was. After a lot of brain cell-sacrificing, I managed to complete the list. Feeling semi-satisfied and wholly uninteresting, I shut down my laptop and went to brush my teeth. And everything went downhill from there.

I was gently brushing the left side of my teeth which wasn't operated when the gum at the right side of my mouth began to bleed even though I hadn't even touched the area. I quickly stopped brushing and gurgled my mouth. Several minutes later, the bottom gum which wasn't even operated at all began to bleed as well. If there is one thing I hate to have in my mouth more than vegetables, it's blood. And considering the countless times I've tasted undiluted blood in my mouth for the past seventeen years, I'd actually make a deliriously ecstatic teenage vampire. But alas, I am not one. And I think I just may be reaching breaking point.

Apart from that wonderful news, I have also come to realize that the area of the gum where my tooth was removed isn't stitched. And even better than that, the gum feels as if the tooth is still in there. (Which is actually impossible since there was evidence. But still. You never know.) Due to this trivial thing called 'unbearable agony', I wasn't paying attention to how the tooth was removed. It had felt as if he was slowly dislocating the tooth from the back of my gum (roof of my mouth) and finally extracting it from the front of my gum. I may have been very wrong. Regardless, I am hoping that the solid matter at the exact same spot of my tooth which is shaped the exact same way as my tooth had isn't what I think it is (Read: the pesky tooth) but rather, the sponge he had inserted to fill in the void.

I have been drinking one gulp of water every 5-minute interval for the past hour to wash down the blood. And even after consuming nothing remotely filling but water for the past two days, my throat still feels sore intermittently. I have also learned that it is impossibly difficult to refrain from laughing. So I will have to stay away from comedies -which is the genre I like best. Delightful. Clearly, I am feeling incredibly bitter even though I have no reason to. So I will stop now. I am only going to freak out for the time being until I get the necessary explanations.

P/S: After answering the first question of yesterday's tag, I replaced my old toothbrush with a new one. It is now orange.


andre said...

aww. hope your okay!

sam said...

hey are u alright? still bleeding? i hope not. take care yeah. oh orange tooth brush huh? my favourite color haha. oh hey the time table for next sem is out yeah but not the personal one. haha.

Faiz said...

Aww. I do hope you are feeling better. Despite your post is about you feeling uneasy and unwell, I just couldn't resist from laughing. I am truly sorry. Its not that I am happy you are in pain, its the way you write. Seems to put a smile on everyone's faces, especially mine. I suppose you are going to be doing that for a very, very long time. Get well soon!

Justine said...

Andre, I am. Thanks. =)

Sam, it bleeds when I brush my teeth. Aiyaya! Thanks ya. :D And oh, finally, the schedule is out!!! Thanks for informing me! Been checking everyday. Haha.

Faiz, thanks...I think? :P Haha. Thanks. :) Appreciate it very much.

Olivia NLC said...

hope you're doing fine now (: God blessss!

Justine said...

Thanks, Olivia! :D