Before my mother went to bed last night, she asked if I had a sore throat. I cheerfully told her no because I hadn't. But lo and behold, an hour later, I had the sore throat. And still have it now. Oy.

My feeble attempt to sleep early last night also crashed and burned. I crawled to bed at 12.30AM and tossed and turned for what seemed like two eternities but was three and a half hours in actuality. So my brain only decided to shut down at 4AM. Five minutes later (or so it had seemed to be), the alarm rang in my ear. It was 5.30AM and I had to get out of bed. It was a definite movie moment in which the person in the show tries so hard to sleep and when he/she finally does, the alarm sounds a second later. Not fun.

Today was the first day of the third semester (Fall '09) in college. It felt really great seeing so many familiar faces in the hallway after a year (Read: a month) has passed. Both my sore throat and sleep-deprivation were killing me and I wasn't able to do anything about it except go through the classes in zombie mode. I had also worn a mask to college for extra measure.

The first class of the day which began at 8AM was Chemistry II, followed by Calculus II and then Physics I. Although most lecturers don't start lecturing on the first day itself, my Chemistry lecturer chose to lecture today while my brain was still hibernating. I am looking forward to the first class of Psychology tomorrow. I know that this semester is, without a doubt, going to be challenging and the workload will be heavy-duty. Even thinking about how crazy it is going to get has got me feeling mentally tired. Aiyaya.

In the meantime, I am feeling physically tired and am going to get some shut-eye right about now. It is now exactly 2.33PM. There are three things I wish to rip apart right now: my gum, my throat and my tooth fairy's throat. Good day.


Faiz said...

Your tooth fairy's throat?
Come on Justine, lets not be too harsh here.

Hope you get well soon!

Justine said...

YES. I am not taking that statement back just yet. The dentist just told me he has to operate the roof of my mouth again to puncture it and release some blood clotted. Kill me already, why don't you? :X

Justine said...

Oh. And thanks. Hehe.

Faiz said...

Oh no!
Okok, lets go and search for your tooth fairy shall we?!

jwhue said...

Mr Leong does lecture on the first class. On the subject and attitudes in class, not on the lessons though.

Justine said...

Faiz, we shall BRING HER DOWN TOGETHER!!! Mwahahahahaha.

Hue, ah I see. History, is it? :)