The Call for Zero Gravity

Today, I have begun eating tasty food. Although the rice meal today took me a little over two hours to finish -don't ask- I enjoyed the satiable curry very very very much. Very. Besides eating, reading consumed most of my time today, too. Just one last book before I delve into the new semester next week. A month of holidays has come and gone. I was talking to a friend about how my holidays have disappeared in the blink of an eye when the friend said, "The dentist ate them all." Ha-ha!

This evening, I got a call from a number I wasn't familiar with after voting for a spectacular song in this segment on Fly FM. The call turned out to be from the DJs. I was completely clueless in the first few seconds and had thought that it was a prank call from one of my brother's friends since the first thing they had mentioned was aliens. Then the name of the artist came into the picture. And I said what I wanted to say on air. The -paraphrased, since I was in a bit of a daze then- transcript of the conversation had gone something like this:

Justine: Hello?
DJ1: Justine! I heard you like aliens.
Justine: Uh...no. Not really.
DJ1: But you like David, right? He's an alien.
Justine: No, he isn't! He's a really...special human being.
DJ1: He's still an alien to us.
Justine: Okay. I like aliens then.
DJ2: So what do you think of first thing when you see a picture of David?
Justine: Inner beauty. Inner beauty...and soul. A deep soul. Pure...amazingness.
DJ1: So you're actually saying he's ugly?
Justine: No! I mean, when you get to know him...as a real person, you start to realize that he's beautiful -both on the inside and outside.
DJ2: I have to say I agree with her.
DJ1: So do you kiss a picture of him every night?
Justine: No...I'm not creepy that way.
DJ2: OK! Here's 'Zero Gravity' by David Archuleta only on Fly FM: Malaysia's Hottest Music.
Justine: Alrighty!

Cheesy. Lame. Uncool. But for the first time, I don't regret saying what I had said on air. (Except for the fact that I had forgotten to thank them for calling me. Oh man.) And not for the first time, I didn't get to hear the conversation on air since I was at a friend's place which has no radio. Because radio was actually a thing of the past at the place. Seriously. But if I had heard myself on air, I'd probably regret everything that came out of my mouth. So maybe it was a good thing. Oy.


Ikitron said...

ikhsan likes this

andre said...

haha justine you just made me laugh my ass off with your awesome responses! Witty!! =)

Justine said...

Thanks, Ikhsan. Justine likes this as well. =)

Andre, awesome kah? :S Hehe, thanks! Appreciate it. :D :D :D

jwhue said...

How cool. I doubt any radio stations will call me though, my musical tastes are too... bluesy and psychedelic.

jwhue said...

In fact my brother says the music I listen to is unhealthy.

Kiki said...

Haha! omgosh, can't believe they compared him to an alien! must be a very cute alien.

Justine said...

Hue, ah I see. Interesting taste in music though. :P And I had gotten the call because I was the 'lucky voter' in a sea of voters. Very rarely happens. But I'm thankful if and when it does. :)

Kiki, yalah!!!! That was what ran through my mind! Haha. A very cute alien indeed. =)

Juinnie Chew said...

OWHH So it was you I heard on the radio!! :)

Justine said...

Too bad I wasn't able to hear it on air... :'( Hehe. I guess I didn't sound like myself, huh? What with my sore gum and slight shock and all. :X