A, B, C

Today was an eventful day. I:-
a) had the day off since today was the country's 52nd Independence Day
b) completed my homework
c) watched a movie on TV
d) took the following quiz out of utter ennui and agreed with the outcome, incorrect as it is

e) gently opened my bottle of enzyme as part of a Chemistry project to release the ozone gas, just as I had been doing for the past two days. Only this time, the ozone gas decided to erupt and a trillion bubbles escaped and splattered on the floor. At the time of incident, my reaction was to groan in despair and frustration while my brother's was to cry out, "Oh my goodness! Did you pee?" In all honestly, if I had a gun in my hands then, I would've shot my brother in the head, and then shoot myself in the head. But I didn't have a gun in my hands. Phew. What a close shave.
f) went to the gym after a very long time
g) failed to stick to my self-implemented bedtime curfew
h) ate cake


Ikitron said...

LOL Jeremy HAHAHAH!!!!!! :p

Justine said...

Not. Funny.

andre said...

Did you pee?!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA :D:D:D

Faiz said...

Justine took a leak!

Justine said...

Again, I stress: Not. Funny. Laaaaa.