Tu, We, Th

Warning: Insanely boring post ahead. Read only when you want to fall asleep as soon as you can.

On Tuesday, I met up with a bunch of friends at college. It had been too long since we'd last stepped onto the college grounds so it felt really good doing so; at least for me. After visiting the library for a short while and collecting our semester grade reports, we came down to the town where a friend and I live. My friend allowed me to drive her car. And so I did. Needless to say, the ride was smooth all the way...according to the owner of the car, but certainly not me. Heh. I have yet to tell my parents about it since driving a friend's car would make them cry, but driving an unfamiliar car for the first time smoothly would make them smile. So I wouldn't want to test that out just yet.

We came over to my place for about thirty minutes to watch this splendid "motion picture" a friend had compiled from the numerous videos we have in the vault so far. And then did something else, too. Then we left for the mall and loitered around since none of us were in the mood for a movie. And in the spur of the moment, we decided to celebrate a surprise birthday dinner for a friend who turns 19 exactly today. I can't remember much of what happened after that, but I just remember that we had an awesome time; as we always do when we get together. It was time spent well with dear friends.

On Wednesday, I was to accompany a friend to KLCC to collect something from yet another friend. I arrived in college at 1PM and had 2 hours to kill before my friend ended college at 3PM. I decided to have lunch by myself at this eatery located in the college building since it has been a while since I've last eaten there and I like the food there, unhealthy as it is. Then I visited the library. It was unusually quiet since it was the semester break and I sat comfortably by the window and immersed myself in a highly amusing storybook for an hour or so.

After meeting up with the friend, we took the train to KLCC and arrived there around 5PM. While waiting for the other friend to arrive, we ate at Chilis and paid the fantastically huge bookstore a visit to check out the TOEFL reference books, among other types of books. I finally bought a reference book since I am going to sit for the TOEFL test in September. Around 7PM, we met up with the friend and did what we planned to do. Then we walked on the streets of KL for the first time to look for a building. It was a bit frightening at first since the sky was getting dark but somehow, whenever we got lost, there were people we could ask for directions. I guess they had been angels in the form of people God had placed at strategic places for us to seek help from. Heh. So we finally found our way to the building and got our ride home.

On Thursday, or today, I headed to the city yet again with my parents to meet up with a counselor at MACEE regarding American universities. The counselor told me what I needed to hear for about an hour and I spent the rest of the time hunting for prospective university booklets at the pseudo-library there. I left with a ton of academic materials and a wide grin on my face. It was definitely worth every second of my time today.

The day before yesterday, yesterday and today's level-o-productivity: 50/5


azngeek said...

Well done on the productivity.

So looking at America again I take it? :)

drey said...

50/5 indeed! /clap
Awesome week huh! Mine was definitely awesome too. =_=

Justine said...

Tim, thank you. :) Yep, back to the American pathway. Aiyaya! Plans keep changing. Hopefully it stays this way this time. =)

Andre, haha, thanks! Yours will be awesome next week, hopefully! Since it's the last week. Fill it with things you've been wanting to do. :P

Olivia NLC said...

lucky yooouuuuu! you spoke to a counsellor!! i need to find one too haha.

Justine said...

Heheh. Check out MACEE! Would be really helpful! =)