Project E

Two days ago, right after the last exam paper, six collegemates and I kicked into gear and launched ourselves into the mission for the day. We had planned to surprise a dear friend in advance for her birthday since she was going to be away on the actual day itself and thankfully, we semi-executed the mission. So many plans were meticulously conceived and I think a few of us lost a googilian brain cells in the process. Everything started off well, or so I had thought, until the moment the to-be-surprised friend opened the refrigerator and was greeted by the lovely sight of the cake box with the knife and eighteen pretty candles adhered to it at the top. Perfect. Amazingly, nobody freaked out and remained composed. I had wanted to mentally bang my head on the wall when it happened but just acted as if we were still on the right track. When we finally unleashed the birthday cake on her, she was semi-surprised and even teared up a little after that. And most of her reaction was caught on tape. Sweet.

The plan after the unveiling of the surprise was to watch a good movie in front of the television set. Only things deviated a bit and we ended up watching one quarter of the movie and spent the rest of the time doing absolutely nothing of great significance. It’s funny how time passes so fast sometimes when you are spending it with remarkable people who matter to you. When it was time to leave the house, I drove the half of us to dinner. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be because I was fortunate to have three safe drivers as passengers in the car with me. A good friend who rode shotgun also became my second pair of eyes on the road. So our lives were in no danger. Or at least, not much.

It was definitely a day spent well with good friends and a perfect way to draw the summer semester to a close. Again, I can’t believe how fast time flies. It was only last month that I had begun my second semester of college and I am now moving into my third semester of college next month. Of the many things I will miss about my second semester of college, I will miss my Music classes the most. I had never wanted to learn a whole new language (or two), sing opera (I used to abhor the genre), learn a new musical instrument (or two), live in the past, have the urge to attend the MPO every month and hear the Gregorian chants multiple times a day. But now I do. And my view on the world of music has certainly changed and I am glad I can now appreciate music from every period in history. I will also miss my Music lecturer a whole lot because she is, hands-down, the most phenomenal lecturer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and being taught under. If my parents are willing, I would most definitely sign up for the course again during a long semester so as not to miss out on the full experience with the unabridged class lessons. But that is not an option. And I have already gotten the best out of the classes.

The holidays have begun since yesterday. I have exactly a whole month off college and the boredom and unproductiveness have already set in. I am going to devise a list of things to do right after this to prevent myself from going barmy with the nothingness, emptiness and uselessness of this semester break. There is also the possibility of me tutoring my cousin with a few high school subjects…which would be a fantastic way to kill my time. But since I possess such a sound memory, I am going to have to revise beforehand because not a single Chemistry/Physics/Add Math fact remains in my brain at present time. Awesome.

I also have more than twenty storybooks to read and more than ten movies to watch for the holidays. And then a whole lot of time busying myself doing nothing. And also a ton of time engaging in comment threads on Facebook. Lately, the start of the holidays has taken its toll on a couple of college friends and they have been talking utter gibberish via the comment threads. It is a wonder to think that they are college students majoring in science who communicate in incomprehensible languages for the fun of it. Huh. Oh…and I am also in on the whole thing. And may have played a part in initiating it. Oy. My bad.


Joann said...

any nice performance (mpo) in sept??
care to join me?

Justine said...

There is!!! There always is! Many in a month! I would love to join you!!! Let me know when you get back? =)

Joann said...

lol...i want piano...i know there are many..but not many piano performances the last time i went was cello..bored to death..lol..
ill be back in sept..

Justine said...

Haha. I wouldn't mind if the harpist is one of the dominant instruments in the performance. Cos the MPO harpist smittens me whenever he plays the harp. Hahahahahahaha. Really wan.

And I have yet to watch them use the gigantic piped organ! I will try to get the events pamphlet and get back to you. :P