Performance Review: Take Two

Tonight was an eventful night. I had attended the 2009 Sacred Music Festival (Johann Sebastian Bach's "Mass in B Minor" Concert) with three other cell group-mates. The concert was performed by a huge choir accompanied by the orchestra. Ever since I was forced to listen to Bach's compositions in MUS103 last semester, I had come to love his pieces. So it was especially captivating to listen to the orchestra playing my favorite sounds while the choir singers belted out the Latin text with fervor. There had also been four solo singers whose voices just knocked the wind out of me. They were absolutely spectacular.

I particularly enjoyed reading the Latin text projected on the screens set up and trying to grasp the meaning of certain words with the English translation provided. It is an interesting language, much like most languages out there. Another thing that was a mystery to me was the reason why the choir singers kept flipping the pages of a book as they sang the same line over and over and over and over again throughout the whole composition or movement. Then it slowly dawned on me that even though they were singing the same lines countless times, the variations in the melody had been countless as well. So that was why they were turning the pages for: to read the song notes on the pages and in turn, singing the melody. Interesting.

I certainly enjoyed every moment of it though my stomach was in need of food. We eventually had dinner at 11PM and got home past midnight. But it was definitely a night to remember and I am thankful that I can still appreciate music that isn't mainstream these days even though MUS103 has long been done with. The concert would also make a neat performance review compared to the one I had handed in regarding the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. I am most definitely going to look out for more music festivals in the future.


azngeek said...

Someone is turning into a little classical connoisseur

Justine said...

Haha. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I just really relish going for these things now because I can appreciate it. Thanks to my Music class last semester. =)