New Addition

Today was destined to be a supremely dull day -one in which I would have to stay indoors all day and do nothing remotely productive. Thankfully, things took a turn for the better. A friend decided to head to the mall to look for TOEFL reference books -just like I had two days ago- and kindly invited me along. And the day stopped becoming dull from that moment onwards. The friend picked me up and we left for the mall sometime in the afternoon. We darted straight for the bookstore and lo and behold, there was a book sale. The friend bought quite a number of books while I purchased one book I had been looking for since...last year. We spent a little over two hours at the mall and left in the evening. It was a pleasant day and I had a good time just hanging out with a friend at the bookstore.

In other fantastic news, a friend has finally entered the blogging world. Glad to finally have you along for the ride in the blogosphere!


Faiz said...

The friend is ME!

drey said...

a. book. sale.

now that is what i call seduction.

Justine said...

Faiz, haha, can't contain the excitement, huh? Happy blogging!!! :D

Andre, uh-huh...you know it. ;)

Faiz said...