Tonight was prom night in my college. While that was going on, I was walking on a treadmill and listening to the iPod with my mother on the treadmill next to mine in an empty gym. In my opinion, that definitely beats going to prom. And sadly, I am stating that without a hint of sarcasm.

Apart from the aforementioned highlight of the day, I have finally gotten started on a storybook after two eternities or so. I also wrote a lot today for the sole reason of assuaging my thirst for writing. It has been too long and I am glad that I now have the time to get back to my favorite hobby, among many others.


azngeek said...

Prom, or the ball is probably one of the best parts of being a student, that's my opinion. I would have tried to convince you to go if I had known earlier.

drey said...

WHEEE. Anti-prom XD I see producivity starts huh. Hope I get started soon =D

Justine said...

Tim, I guess the experience differs for each individual. In my case, it will probably go down as the most horrific night in the history of my life, or adolescence. Haha.

But there'll be another prom next year for sophomores who will be leaving for the States then. But I'll make sure that I'll be going somewhere more decent than the gym when that time comes! Haha.

Andre, an hour of productivity ain't much. Need to camp there next time. Zozozozozoz. :D