Malacca: A Weird Experience with Family and Friends

Warning: This post is deathly long. Read at will.

Four friends, my parents and I had travelled to Malacca for a 3-day 2-night sojourn on Thursday. Although it was my parents and my googilianth time visiting the place, it had been my friends’ first or second time visiting the historical city. Two of them were foreigners, after all. When we reached our destination on the first day, we went for a little walk at a tourist spot called Jonker’s Street. I had stopped regarding myself as a tourist at the place since, as aforementioned, I had walked on that very same sidewalk for seven years now. The sun was scorching hot that day and we had a drink at a well-known café-cum-bar along the street. It was then that we played a flopped game of Truth or Dare: Attempt #1.

When night came, we went on the Eye on Malaysia and had a remarkable time sitting in the cabin staring at buildings, the dark mass of sea, each other and my parents waving as we go by them; over and over again for four times. After an interesting dinner wherein my parents came to know my friends a little better and the tension finally broke, we returned to the café-cum-bar we had been to earlier in the day. The game of Truth or Dare: Attempt #2 resumed. Oy. When we finally made our way back to the hotel, a friend and I went down to the lobby to access the World Wide Web since we had brought our laptops. A ridiculous thing happened as we were on our laptops, sitting opposite each other. We began chatting via MSN messenger instead of just opening our mouths to speak to each other. Double oy. I also realized the extent of my cluelessness of the world out there as the friend slowly introduced me to job sites and several other famed sites I never knew existed. Triple oy.

The second day arrived sooner than expected…possibly because we had gone to bed at 4AM. The friend -who was in the same hotel room as me- and I woke up with thirty minutes to spare before breakfast time at the hotel was over. After breakfast, two friends left Malacca to attend to something important while two out of the three of us who were still there went back to sleep, regardless of how unhealthy that may sound. Naturally, I was one of the two.

I was giving my brain its necessary rest when my phone buzzed. The text message bore the news that the results of our second semester in college had been posted that morning. My eyes shot open and I jumped out of bed, eager to know how I did since I had been feverishly checking the student portal multiple times daily for the results ever since the finals ended. The other two friends were then informed and we dashed to the lobby, frantically logging into the student portal to check the ominous results. Thankfully, I hadn’t done too badly, thanks to God’s grace. Praise Him. After my heartbeat stabilized, I went through a minor bout of multitasking. I had my hands occupied with talking to the friends who were there with me at the hotel, the friends who were online and the friends I was texting. Everyone -except, no kidding, yours truly- had improved from the first semester in college and had their CGPAs raised. One friend I had texted even scored a perfect 4.0. Cheers to them all.

When we were finally done and decided to go back to sleep, my parents came down to the lobby, waiting for us to get ready to leave for the mall. Brilliant. Sleep had to wait. After having a mediocre lunch and invigorating conversations with the two good friends, we went for a movie at the cinema which must’ve been at least a century old. It was truly the perfect setting for a horror movie involving deaths in a freakish theatre because the place had all the makings of it.

We decided to walk from the mall to Jonker’s Street after the movie to enjoy the scenery and non-existent breeze. After several minutes of wandering around, we headed back to the hotel…by foot. It was astonishing how I was able to walk on my feet alone and not on both my feet and hands on the way back. We had actually walked from the mall to the hotel. Unbelievable. We took a couple of minutes to freshen up and my parents spared our (Read: my) lives by driving us back to Jonker’s Street as we hadn’t seen all the stalls yet. Since I had been there countless times, I didn’t have to get anything for myself. The two friends, however, only had their other friends’ best interests at heart and laboriously hunted for perfect souvenirs for them and didn’t get anything for themselves. It was definitely an admirable act and I am positive that the friends they had gotten the gifts for will appreciate their thoughtfulness. Or I will beat them to a pulp. (Just kidding.)

After two painstaking hours, we were finally done. I was wiped out, hungry and sleepy -the worst combination one could have during a vacation- so we went to a comfortable and quaint eatery by the street. I was feeling a bit restless and tired when a friend who possessed a kind soul decided to willfully sing renditions of David Archuleta’s songs and I was eternally grateful. The two friends who had left Malacca rejoined us for dinner and we had a lengthy conversation about movies and actors in general. It was also then that we played yet another game of Truth or Dare: Attempt #3. Aiyaya.

When we were done, we started the walk back to the hotel around midnight. The second time around wasn’t as bad as the first one as I wasn’t short of breath or sweating bullets. Much. The stroll was peaceful since the roads were deserted and the comfortable silence was, somehow, enjoyable to me. We went back to our respective hotel rooms for a short while. A commotion had ensued at the room next door as my parents tried to sleep in the hotel room two doors away from the scene of commotion. The room in question had been the room where the guys stayed. Figures.

Around 1AM, we went down to the lobby. I did a bit of emailing and later joined the two friends working on making a funny little movie out of the nineteen videos we had recorded during the BBQ. The plan was to stay up all night until it was time for breakfast which began at 7AM. Unsurprisingly, the plan failed to succeed. I crashed at 4.30AM while another friend followed suit an hour later. However, there was a sole trooper who actually stayed up all night, made it through breakfast and only had a nap at 10AM the next morning after breakfast…which was also the same time I had taken a nap.

‘Noon arrived and we had to check out of the hotel. We all went for our last lunch in Malacca. It was there that we played a game of –just kidding. I meant to say, it was there that a cat had assaulted me as I was eating. Finally, it was time to bid goodbye and my parents wished my friends well before we parted ways in two separate cars.

(Shocking Fact #1) In a nutshell, the trip was worthwhile. (Shocking Fact #2) Maybe more than worthwhile. Although I was visiting the same place for the 432971th time now, I had a different company this time. I had expected many things to go wrong throughout the trip because when you mix two different groups of people in your life, the results always tend to surprise, be it good or bad. I was expecting the worst. (Shocking Fact #3) But fortunately, I was wrong because the surprise was a good one this time. (Shocking Fact #4) I learned a little bit more about my parents, if that was even possible. And of course, I had also learned a lot more about the friends which had tagged along for the trip. (Shocking Fact #5) But I wasn’t the only one because my mother knows them pretty well now though it may not work the other way around. (Shocking Fact #6) She was also able to tell me what she thinks their characters are and lo and behold, she couldn’t have been more correct. So the trip to Malacca was different this time. I discovered that my parents can sometimes be cooler than cool. And I discovered that my friends have pretty big hearts and pretty awesome traits. It’s a bit funny how at ease I was with having both my parents and friends around me at the same time. Though I can’t help thinking that if I were to go on a roadtrip with my parents and friends again, the ease would just shrivel up and die. So I’m glad to leave the ease that way -alive- for now. Still, I have to concede that I had a pretty amazing vacation with pretty fantastic people.

P/S: This post is dedicated to the friend who kept pestering me to post an account of the trip. There you go: A 1500-word account of the trip. Now keep your end of the bargain. Ha-ha. (Appreciate it.)

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Heheh. Apologies! :P

drey said...

HAHAHAHAHA:D Truth of Dare!!! How could I miss that! T^T Aiks. Sorry your eyes shot open and u jumped out of bed ;P HAHAHAHA!!!

Glad you had a great time!
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