First Barbecue

Today, unlike yesterday, was a highly interesting day. I woke up with a little over an hour to spare before the meet-up in college before the hang-out at the mall before the chill-out at a friend's place before the burn-out of the BBQ food. After lunch and a bit of hanging-out at the mall, we headed to the supermarket located inside the mall and delved into BBQ-planning mode...only we (Read: I) hadn't the slightest clue exactly what kind of food is needed for the BBQ. Thankfully, most of them (Read: Everyone but me) knew what to get. We ended up spending a crazy amount of money over raw food.

We had gotten around in two cars and the car I was in arrived at the friend's place before the friend arrived home. Amidst the pleasant wait to enter the house, a friend suddenly texted everyone in the car sitting less than three feet away from him and refused to talk. Ironically, said friend had mentioned earlier in the day what technology can do to people these days. He only didn't realize that 'people' included him. And, uh, me.

Once we entered the house and had a mini-tour of the cozy place, we immediately dove into our delegated jobs. There were, unofficially, Team A, Team B and Team C. Team A was in charge of assembling the BBQ set and getting the charcoal ready. Team B was in charge of preparing the food for BBQ. Team C was in charge of capturing every moment on camera or tape. I was in Team C since I wouldn't be an asset for the first two teams. I tried to snap moments on camera as best as I could together with my partner in crime who is turning out to be quite the skillful video-cameraman. I have discovered a long time ago that it is always better to be behind the camera lens than in front of it. So I enjoyed my job...except the times when I was horrendously made to be in front of the lens. Bitter memories, those are.

When the time to BBQ the prepared food came, we all crowded at the porch and divided yet again into two unofficial teams: Team 1 and Team 2. Team 1 (which had comprised of only one person: me) was in charge of bringing the plate to the BBQ set when the food was ready to be eaten while Team 2 (the rest) played important roles in the main event of the day. Thanks to the amazing teamwork that ensued, we had delicious sausages, lamb kebab on sticks and chicken pieces for dinner. And Cheezels. Sweet.

The dinner finally came to a close around 10PM. As always, I had a fantastic time with invaluable friends and succulent food. It was my first time having or participating in a BBQ and boy did I have an awesome experience. I had also learned a new thing or two about each friend, as mentioned in a friend's blog. I now know I have friends who possess undiscovered video-recording skills, cheffing skills, keeping-the-fire-going skills, barbecuing skills, detecting-whether-the-food-is-barbecued-enough-or-not skills and making-a-good-impression-in-front-of-friend's-parents skills. Impressive.

P/S: A friend's post about the uneaten salad we had prepared had me nearly choking on my breakfast beverage. No kidding.


drey said...

but glad you guys had fun :D :D

Justine said...

I am not hyper. /zap/zap/zap

But yes, we had loads of fun. Would've had more fun with your company though. :P It's OK. There's always a next time! =)

Ikitron said...

LOL ic a P.S :P

Justine said...